Do any of the Facebook Wall Post options work anymore?

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  • The only one I can get to work is "Prompt to share link". Am I missing something or have all the wall posting options been stripped away by FB? If there is a way, please let me know about the login options needed also. The C3 manual states that some of the items require "Publish to stream permission", however, a look at the Facebook Permissions Reference doesn't even show that as being one.


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  • In addition I have found that I can ONLY get the share link item to work on the PC platform, when I try the same app on iOS or ANDROID, the FACEBOOK object never becomes "Ready", so none of the FACEBOOK object items work, not even share link. Does anyone know if the FACEBOOK object is even supposed to work on iOS and ANDROID? And if so, should it work from Testflight, or does it only work once your app has been approved by Apple and up for sale from the app store? If anyone has any helpful information it would be greatly appreciated.

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