F12 Debugger Errors

  • I've seemingly noticed a couple "red" errors in the f12 debugger lately, and wondering what they are and how to find out WHAT it is causing one? I have one that happens immediately on startup, and I've disabled every event and it doesn't go away.

    All I'm doing is loading an init layout with dictionary keys and then I go to a spritesheet to get a little bit more data, THEN go to the main layout. If I skip the spritesheet, the error does not come up. If I disable ALL events in the spritesheet event sheet, the error still comes up (the only even I leave is "go to Main Layout")

    Is there anyway to figure out what these or are any clue on what's causing them? Trying to sort them out myself seems impossible, and some of my functions are MUCH too large to disable one event at a time to see what's causing it.

    actions.js:1 [Construct 3] Error parsing JSON: SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

    at C3.Plugins.Dictionary.Instance.JSONLoad (actions.js:1)

    at C3.Action._RunObject_AllParamsVary (action.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunActionsAndSubEvents (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunAndBlock (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock.Run (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunSubEvents_SolWriterAfterCnds (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunSubEvents (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunActionsAndSubEvents (eventBlock.js:1)

    at C3.EventBlock._RunAndBlock (eventBlock.js:1)

  • The error says that a json object is in some way corrupted. Hard to really see what is happening without seeing the project. What exactly are you loading in the spritesheet eventsheet. Maybe some of that data is faulty.

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  • WackyToaster - This is literally all the event sheet is (and disabling EVERYTHING except "Go To CANYON" doesn't change it.

  • That's odd. I'd guess that's a bug you can't do much about. Does the project freeze or does the data end up not loaded correctly because of the error? Either way I'd file a bugreport.


  • WackyToaster

    That's just the thing - it's not really affecting anything per se. Everything loads fine, reacts as it should, etc. It only pulls that error in the f12 debugger.

    The main thing is anytime I see that error (because it happens when some other large functions are called), I don't know how to tell what it is without going through every individual event.

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