Extremely Long Export Times For NWjs

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  • As the title says I noticed something this week. I've done exports twice now. I'm using the desktop version of Construct 3, Version r210.2. I probably wouldn't think to much about this, but each time I export I export for Windows 64 and 32, Mac, and Linux 64. Each of these exports is now taking about 8 and a half minutes to perform. Based on what I see the export seems to hang on the "minify script" portion. I have my minify mode set to "simple".

    In the past, each export would only take a minute or two, usually it would go faster after exporting once, I assume that is due to how compressing images works for exports. I don't know if something magically happened in my project or if an update to Construct did this. Simply put, exporting now seems to take a very long time, seemingly because it hangs on the "minify script" portion of the process. It isn't technically a bug so I'm just reporting see if anyone else has experienced this. My system specs are also listed below, but I don't think they are the problem as they have remained constant


    OS: Windows 10 V1902

    CPU: Intel i5-4670 3.40GHz

    RAM: 16GB DDR3

    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (if it even matters for this)

    Screencap of one of the exports as well. This one in particular was the Mac export but they all looked like this.

  • Same here

  • There is a problem with the new minifier on the current r225 stable release, have you tried with the beta version?

    Source: construct.net/en/make-games/releases/beta/r227-2

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  • try removing all ur images and deselect the deduplication.... it might be that ur export in this image particular case is hang by the deduplication process... 2300+ images .... 190mb to be removed... lots of stuff... that is dead weight.

    if that speeds things up with minifier selected then u know what you need to optimize.

    Sebastien i think you might be referring to the minifier "hang error" i don't think this is the case. as when the minifier "hangs" u won't get any time expectation it will just freeze atleast for me.

    on the other hand, you might be right... minifier does affected exports in past as well.

  • So, I was literally in the middle of typing up a response. I was exporting on the side to verify how long things take, but then the export actually just went quickly. My original post was from back on r210. I'm currently on r228. I exported most recently I think on r227 or r226 and the problem still existed from what I remember.

    However, on r228 it took half the time, image below. 4 minutes still isn't ideal, but its still half the time which is great. At this point I'd think its 100% on the size of the game not the engine. So I'm happy, I guess whatever they did worked. Thanks for the suggestions, I figured this thread was dead and gone until last night.

  • Yes, a priori the minifier has been completely revised from the beta r227 and seems already much faster (nothing to do with the stable r225, sorry, I got a little tangled up because it happens to me to switch between different versions for testing).

    As you both indicated, it must therefore ultimately and in fact be a problem of file size or other processing.

    For my part, I'm having a lot of problems with the Photon addon and Win64 export, latest NW.js version (v0.50.0, Chromium 87).

    Stable r225: ok without minifier, but "failed to export project" error with a simple or advanced minifying.

    Beta r228: ok without minifier, but "black screen" when projects exported with simple or advanced minifying are launched.

    Hoping that the next stable versions will correct, improve and optimize all this.

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