Exporting to iOS & Android in 2020: What is the current state of things?

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  • Hi everyone! So happy to be FINALLY done my friggin C3 project. So here we go again, time to publish the apps.

    Holy crap, what a monster it's been! I am finding that Xcode is broken since SEPTEMBER 2019? The C3 app fails to get past the loading screen. I am so freaked out that my code will not work if I publish it. It's currently awaiting review.

    I'm having the same troubles on Android. I open it up in Android Studio virtual device and it's not working.

    I see that we cannot port to Switch.

    So what is the state of Construct 3? Are these temporary problems (aside from switch which is a Nintendo thing).

    I had to manually specify settings in Xcode for AdMob. I had to rebuild all the default icons.

    Things generally feel messy, but I am hoping much of this is temporary and its being worked on?

    EDIT: Right out of the gate, crashes on iOS and Android. :/

  • OK, finally tracked down the issue. I am using AdMob.

    If the Admob ID isn't created in ANDROID STUDIO the application fails to start. This is insane and needs to be fixed. Aren't there checks in C3? "If failed to register?".

    FATALLY TERMINATE the app? insane. Takes FOREVER to track this stuff down.

    Doesn't this mean the C3 easy build for APK signed certificates is not going to work when this AdMob thing is required?

    It seems to me that C3 could easily prompt the user "Hey, this isn't going to work, you're going to need to manually build in Android Studio because of some SDK requirements".

    EVERY single time I go to build a project in C3 it's days of pain getting it built. :/

  • Yeah C3 does be like that.

  • As far as I'm aware iOS and Android publishing has been working the whole time. Our stats show thousands of users publishing to Android and iOS every week.

    The main problem people have with Xcode and Android Studio seems to be that ultimately these are tools aimed at developers with programming experience, and involve a certain degree of complexity. It can be difficult for non-technical Construct users to make the jump, especially since these tools are not themselves perfect, and have their own bugs, quirks and configuration requirements that are nothing to do with Construct, and will have to be dealt with no matter what tool or framework you use.

    One example is there appears to be a bug in Google's own AdMob library that causes the app to crash if it is misconfigured. If you configure it correctly it works, but you have to follow the steps carefully and do everything right. The crash is nothing to do with Construct, it's squarely Google's fault. But unfortunately as with any complex technology, people don't always recognise the different layers involved and end up blaming us instead.

  • Just out of curiosity, why do you use android studio?

    I am exporting signed APKs directly from Construct and upload them directly to GooglePlay (Yes, with AdMob etc), it all works perfectly without any issues.

  • Ashley Thanks for clarity.

    android Studio -- I just want to make sure things run on a local device and/or virtual device. I want to test my in app purchases. I *DID* get it working by adding the AdMob code specifically. Yay.

    XCode -- Just got decline from Apple, as the game completely fails to launch. I've even tried removing xcode. This happens SO OFTEN, every single project does this.... Ugh... Time to debug... I just updated to IOS something or other, the new one, maybe it'll fix.

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  • I deleted the following plugins and it worked:

    - Facebook

    - Twitter

    - In app purchase

    - Ad Mob

    Boots right up. App goes crazy now as my events are busted, but at least it will run.... So the problem is in Construct. If there is something like Facebook unable to connect, it's crazy that it kills the app!

  • IAP seems to be working out of the box, so that's nice.

  • Ugh. Instant crash in Exporting signed APK. Probably because of the AdMob thing...

  • So the problem is in Construct.

    It's basically too soon to cast around blame until you have solved the problem. See a blog post I wrote a while ago on blame in technology, and the aardvark case.

  • Ashley -- Can't this be solved in construct, I mean.

    For example, I just tried the GameAnalytics plugin. It also just crashes at start. Can't C3 do some scanning for an improper configuration that is known to cause crashes?

    Error: Could not build project, "GameAnalytics" is currently not compatible, or not configured correctly.

  • It's hard to tell what the problem is from your post, because "crashes on start" contradicts "could not build project". Could you build the app or not?

    In general third-party addons are not our responsibility, so you should take up any issues with it with the addon developer.

  • I totally get that. It's third party. But I can replicate crashes with IAP and AdMob.

    The AdMob thing I think you're aware of, and kind of goes into third party on Android Studios' issue. But don't you think popping a notification screen "Exporting to Android Studio: Known issues here" would be a large customer service benefit?

    I think I've got it sorted out now, but I wasted another 30 hours figuring this out :'(

    Still love C3 in general, waiting for apps to finally publish for supergigadroid.com Cheers.

  • Ugh. Instant crash in Exporting signed APK. Probably because of the AdMob thing...

    I export signed apk directly from Construct with Admob setup, I have never had any problems. just fyi

  • Still love C3 in general, waiting for apps to finally publish for supergigadroid.com Cheers.

    Looks like Caverunner/Metroidvania from Tokinsom, but with a new head on the guy? :)

    That is one of the coolest templates in the store!

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