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  • The End Of An Era

    Hello Everybody on Scratch

    The End Of An Era Is Coming

    We are one days away from the end of Flash.

    Please read this Article to understand what is goes to happened in the last day of 2020

    In July Of 2017 Adobe announced they are ending support on Flash Player in the year 2020.

    On December 31st 2020 Adobe Flash Player will be discontinued by Adobe and continued to encourage the use of HTML5.

    That mean all flash game website will no longer work because their game was made by flash and this mean these game are goes to be lost in time in any website included Gamejolt.

    Now that mean all flash game engine are no longer goes to work due to they are made in flash and the plugin will be gone on the end of this year and that very sad to heard.

    Please remember any of your favorite Flash Game you loved since you first played.

    Well this is an end of Flash

    Long Live Flash and Hello HTML5

    R.I.P Flash Player



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