Z elevation settings: Orthographic vs Perspective

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  • Ashley

    If not per object, in project properties can we get the choice to have Perspective or Orthographic for Z elevation?

    I love the Z feature, instead of having hundreds of layers I can now just set the Z value!

    But I don't want the sprites to be resized when going back in the distance. I just want the parallax effect! I think having the Orthographic setting would solve this issue, pretty sure that's what you call it.


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  • I agree with this. I think the team is quite against expanding on the feature set of this Z elevation feature more. In response to adding things like this, they've said that being able to adjust the camera soon turns it into a 3D engine and that's not what they're going for.

    I personally think that right now the lack of these features makes working on most kinds of 2D games complicated, because it makes me rely on tricks for anything besides platformers.

  • You might be able to just add a modifier to the z.

  • Isn't this the same as not using Z elevation and using parallax instead?

  • Isn't this the same as not using Z elevation and using parallax instead?

    Yeah kind of, in a primitive way. I could use dozens/hundreds of layers with different parallax settings, or I could just have 1 layer and change the Z elevation of an object.

    I love setting the Z, but my graphics are all hand drawn to fit certain distances and I'd imagine pixel art users who want to keep the graphics consistent would feel similar.

    It would allow more nuanced detail in parallaxing scenes, as I can simply and efficiently just adjust the Z depth per object, rather than getting lost in a complex layer system.

    For the times when I do want something to drift from the background to foreground it would be much smoother than transitioning between the parallax layers too!

  • Ashley does that make sense?

    Or is this not going to be a simple setting to implement?

  • The projection code is really complicated and there's a lot of it all across the engine. This would mean having two different projection modes to switch between, which is quite a lot of complicated work. If it's almost the same as the normal layer parallax, I think it would be hard to justify the work. As a small team opportunity cost rules everything.

  • That's fair, thanks for letting me know.

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