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  • Can someone please explain to me what this is about and how it works.

    The best I can figure out is

    1) it is a cryptocurrency

    2) it is the first HTML based block-chain cryptocurrency

    3) part of its block chain workflow will be based on HTML5 gaming.

    Can anyone elaborate on that?

    Is it something that we HTML5 game developers should be getting clued up about.

    Can it use Construct games etc?

    There is a developer tab but it is way beyond me.

    I have also found this article

    note I have nothing to do with this crypto it just ticked those HTML5 and gaming boxes so I though it might be of interest.

  • I just took a brief look but I'm not sure either. One thing I can imagine is that players will gain internet meme money somehow: playing, reaching goals, etc. So the conventional mining is replaced with a game. But I'm just guessing.

  • I took a look as well and the first problem is, it's obviously a google translate of a Chinese document which makes it nearly impossible to comprehend.

    But, here's what I take from it with my limited knowledge of currency mining:

    Egretia appears to be setting up a mining pool:

    When performing blockchain calculations only the one that completes the correct blockchain gets paid. Pools are designed to allow miners to join forces and share in the profits.

    Bitcoins cannot be effectively mined with computers any more. They require a device called an ASIC ( Application-specific integrated circuit) which are expensive. Other cryptocurrencies can be mined with 'rigs' designed to use the GPU of multiple video cards in order to do the calculations. Profitability of these rigs is based primarily on the cost of electricity compared to the number of hashes you can generate per second. Top of the line systems are measured in terahashes. My video card is an RX580. It's rated at 30-40 megahashes/sec, assuming it were used exclusively for mining.

    If we assume that electricity costs $0.00 and I were to run this card 24/7 mining ethereum, I'd make $242.75 per year at today's prices, which pays for the card and puts $62.75 in my pocket. But that's a pretty decent video card... right? And that's with free electricity. Egretia does not list how many hashes/sec you're going to get. And I'm betting it's for a very good reason. Just a guess, but I'm betting that running a game under HTML AND trying to hash a blockchain, you'd be lucky to get 200 hashes/second per instance of the game running. In which case, you'd make $ 0.001618 per year assuming that game runs 24/7. But let's give it the benefit of the doubt. Let's assume you'll make 200 kilohashes per second off this game running 24/7 on someone else's machine. Your annual profit off one instance running? $1.62.

    Now, factor in two more things.

    1. Your game is going to be calculating these hashes AND trying to make a fun, playable game at the same time. Inside a browser running HTML5 and JS, I see one laggy ass game.

    2. Serious crypto miners are often caught in a conundrum. Electricity costs vs profitability. As a result, they're usually selling off their hardware every year or two and upgrading because the crypto currencies keep making it more and more difficult to hash, requiring faster and faster hardware which eats more and more electricity. I can tell you without a doubt that the overall cost of electricity compared to the hash rate of this software is going to be horrid. Their gimmick? You're making your customers pay for the electricity, and a lot more than you'll be making. Which means, if you have ANY concern for this planet whatsoever and conserving it's resources, it's just a bad idea.

    While I'm just guessing at the numbers, I personally think that if I were to get one customer out of 10 to purchase a vanity item for $5.00 PER YEAR... I'd make more money.

    Here, do your own math and see what conclusions you draw.


    The way I see it, only that company is going to make money and, at the expense of the planet. Your game would be just one minor cog in their machine.

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  • All of these JS based crypto-mining libraries cost more to run than they make, the trick being that the person making the money isn't the one paying the electricity bill. The user pays the electricity bill, and the developer gets the cash.

    Normally they are run in a separate process, so they might not directly slow down the game if it's not using all the CPU cores ( most games don't ). However, they do put a lot of pressure on the CPU and generate a lot of heat. Which can cause the CPU to throttle, slowing itself down so that it doesn't overheat and fail.

    You can normally pick out websites doing this, as your CPU fan will spin up. But I expect users will just blame the game for being inefficient.

    As a form of monetization they are particularly unpleasant, as users often don't know it's happening and the developer is effectively just draining their money (inefficiently). Add in the environmental damage of the electricity used and this isn't going to win you any fans. I've no idea how much money you'd make per user, but it can't be much.

  • Wow, cheers guys. It sounds brilliant, in an evil genius type of way, im sure it will be everywhere before we know it maybe even in some new consoles as well. Just as society gets a handle on loot box gambling and pay to play / win micro-transactions there will be this....

    .... so horribly dystopian....Count me out for sure...

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