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  • Hello, C3 updates have been amazing lately, and lots of new features from the ideas website have been added and it's pretty amazing to see.

    However, there is one feature that was announced right when C3 was initially announced, and that nobody mentionned since, the Editor SDK:

    Especially since lots of new editors and editor tweaks have been made during the year, I suppose that you guys have some kind of framework in house that makes it easier to integrate new windows and items. I just wonder if that will be available to the public any time soon.

  • I wonder what possibilities this would open up so... curious.

  • Exposing a full blown editor SDK would be a colossal amount of work - which as with any big suggestion basically means cutting dozens of other feature requests to divert development time towards it - and there's no guarantee anybody would actually use it enough to justify all the work once it was done. It's a nice idea and did originally figure in our plans, but I'm not convinced it's actually feasible or worthwhile.

  • What about the idea of setting up the layout editor so that it can import json data?

    This would allow importing objects, and object data including behaviors at edit time for further editing.

    This would also allow third parties to create editors without having to provide an entry point.

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  • The custom importer SDK has been around for some time (see AddDragDropFileHandler) which addons like Spriter use to import their own custom data format.

  • I mean for the whole layout.

    We already have the utility for it as save state or game save slots as json.

    We just don't have to way to load it at edit time.

  • Are there actually any tools out there that would want to do that?

  • They would have to be created.

    Tilemaps are still a bit hard to edit in the editor, especially if you are using multiple Tilemap objects for example.

    We do have addons that contribute to what a third party editor could offer, such as Rot.js, or even the Advanced Random plug.

    It might also be beneficial when working in teams as it would be easier to do edits specific to the layout and not have to share the .c3p file.


    I should say the the import shouldn't be destructive. Meaning the import wouldn't get rid of objects that already existed, and should overwrite objects with the same name.

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