Duplicate Top Level Conditions In Relation To Performance

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  • I'm attempting to keep my event groups organized, but this often results in situations where I'm setting conditions such as "Every 1 Second" in multiple areas in multiple event sheets to maintain organization in terms of keeping that condition in the designated group. Ideally I would want a single Every 1 second parent condition and all sub events pertaining to that condition underneath, right? If that's the case how much of a performance hit does a situation like this result in.For example: Assume you have 10 separate events with the exact same parent condition "Every 1 Second" And then a varying amount of actions that, for the sake of this example, all result in the same amount of CPU usage. How much of an impact would it be for those 10 events to be separated vs. having one event with a single "Every 1 Second" parent condition followed by the 10 sub events within that parent condition?


    Apologies if this has already been addressed somewhere else.



  • After more searching, per Ashley in a different thread:

    "You can answer these questions yourself with measurements, but I really don't think it has any significant impact at all. "Every" events don't create timers that need to be tracked, they work more like a condition that says "the timestamp this event last ran is greater than X seconds", which is basically a simple number comparison, which is the kind of thing it is a waste of time to worry about."

    So there probably is no significant difference.

  • If that's the case how much of a performance hit does a situation like this result in.

    Answer your own performance questions with measurements

    Also if you can't see it using up time in the profiler, it's not important and trying to optimise it is a waste of time.

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  • Understood, thanks for the reply Ashley.

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