Drag and drop events with touch on mobile

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  • Hi guys, and happy holidays!

    I was looking around the threads and it seems the above feature has fallen a bit on the wayside.

    This isn't a request per se, I would just like to share my experience because:

    I have used many engines and was looking for something I could use on my tab s6 for smaller projects or just to play around for fun. Construct 3 to me has been a joy to use on my tablet, of course nothing can beat being in front of your desktop but I had not expected to be as productive as I have.

    I cannot help but think about how beneficial it would be to be able to order my events without having to cut and paste.

    Drag and drop sounds good though I cannot be sure with all the touching going on, but some additions to the (hold/right-click) pop-up menu, something along the lines of

    ^ move event/action up | v move event/action down | > nest (move as sub-event) | < parent

    would be sweet as pie. Cheers 🍻

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  • I was wondering about this a couple of months ago too.

    I understand that it's a tricky thing to implement, but I do wish something like a toggle button could exist that switches between "Scroll" and "Drag n' Drop" mode, anything would do, I'd use it a huge amount.

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