Some devices fail to move past the loading screen!

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  • I am getting so frustrated man. I gave up on this Android TV box, brand new from Amazon $80 bucks that can run Angry Birds but cannot run my friggin MENU.

    So I exported back to my Galaxy S4. It runs a FEW LAYERS of the new menu, but is mostly blank. It's like half of what is going on.

    Ashley -- You need to dive in on this man, have someone from tech support call me and let's crush this problem. I have spent nearly 30 hours trying to identify what's going on. Reach out please.

  • (I would post a screenshot but the image icon in the forums does nothing)

  • You can send the project to the C3 service, I did it with my game to review the ram's performance.

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  • Hi! How many megabytes of memory is your layout using (after the loading screen)? You can monitor it either from debug window or right click your project's name (on project panel) and select "tools -> view project statistics".

    If there is a memory issue, there are some things you can do in order to solve the problem:

    1. Delete one by one the objects in your layout. Use debug mode after every deletion, in order to see which of them are significantly increasing memory.

    2. If you see that "ObjectX" is using a lot of memory, investigate it. View spritesheets (right click your project name (on project panel) and select "tools -> view spritesheets"). You may see "ObjectX" is being merged along with a big background or with other objects that you don't need them in your layout at the moment.

    3. Remember that jpeg images are being exported alone, as a single spritesheet, with no other sprites next to them, so convert -where possible- your sprites to jpeg. You can set the export image format via construct's animation editor.

    4. If you are using sprites as "hotspots", for example a transparent sprite as a clickable area, resize it through the editor and make this sprite as small as possible, for example 14x14 pixels, and then stretch it in the layout.

    5. Try to reduce the "max spritesheet size" from advanced properties panel. At default it is set to 2048 you can select a smaller size.

    6. Read C3 documentation about memory usage here:

    7. Also read "Remember not to waste your memory" here:

    I recommend to repeat this process for every layout in your game that uses too much memory.

    The good part is that sometimes low end devices help us programming our apps more efficiently.

  • The Android Box t95 max has a Mali processor, I Think these had the WebGL 2 bug, But I presumed that this had been fixed?

    Refer to this

  • So how can I detect this and prompt a user about the error? I also need to have this report to my api server so I know about it.

    This is a major isssue for C3


    After reading this and how 'large images' may hurt performance, I thought... Hrmmmm. OK What is the most complex image I have? It was my star wallpaper. So I deleted it.

    What's weird is that it is in use on another layer. But I'm actually able to get into my game levels now.

    Veeeery strange, but picked up a lot of tips from the post above.

  • It's still impossible to help without providing better information.

    How much memory does your game actually use?

    For example if your game requires 10 GB of memory, it's not a bug, it's not a problem with the device, it's not a problem with Construct - it's a problem with your game design.

  • Yeah twas only 28mb of Memory. I totally got it 100% working at one point! I made a few other changes and broke it again.

    Going to run some more tests, will get back to you. What ever is causing it is super weird.

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