Decrease in downloads due to the use of RAM

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  • I continue to receive many negative reviews for the consumption of RAM in games.

    They only work on phones with 3 or more gigasbytes of memory.

    My downloads have decreased by 50% since I use C3.

    Will it continue working on ram consumption, or is it a "resolved" issue with the latest changes?


  • As far as I can tell, with the latest releases (which have a new spritesheet size property letting you customise memory vs. performance as well as several other optimisations), C3 projects have around the same memory use as C2 projects. I think I even verified this with a project you sent me!

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  • To reduce the memory I had to convert many sprites to tiles, put many sprites in 1 and use the minimum size of sprite sheets.

    Now the game needs a maximum of 380 megabytes (before almost 600). 380 is not much, but it requires a lot of extra optimization work.

  • I'm trying to post my own problem until I read this topic.So I will share my problem on tiledbackground and I'm currently developing my game for a mobile game, my problem is something like this. I have a player using 8 direction movement, a touch event for mobile controls, some tiled background(64x64) for the walls and lastly a tiledbackground(128x128) for a background. My Viewport size is 720x1280(landscape) when I'm testing my game on an android device (8.0) I noticed that my FPS drop from 60 to 45-52 whenever the player moves in a different direction after trying different method to solved my problem I found out that my background is causing a problem.Here are my method lists.

    METHOD 1 :

    Delete background (tiledbackground)

    Current FPS when moving player: 58-60

    METHOD 2:

    Change background to a sprite instead of tiledbackground

    Current FPS when moving player:56-60

    Problem: apk size will increase(gonna used multiple backgrounds)

    METHOD 3:

    Change Viewport size to a smaller one

    Current FPS when moving player: 58-60

    Problem:I don't feel like using small viewport.

  • ihvan020 - FPS is unrelated to RAM, so you should start a new thread to discuss that separately to this.

  • ihvan020 It would be helpful to see your event sheet.

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