Cutout Andriod Device showing black bars on its side.

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  • Problem description

    Cutout Android device (i.e Notch Android Devices) is showing black bars near the Notch Area of the device.

    In Construct3 r134 or below versions.

    Observed Device :- Vivo 1815, One Plus 6T and all Cutout devices.

    Build Options :- In C3 build project with option Cordova or Debug APK or Signed APK.

    I had this problem with IOS devices too but solved it with editing the C2runtime.js file, if anyone has an solution for this please let me know how would i make my project to fullscreen in all Cutout devices (i.e. Notch devices).

    I am attaching a screenshot of the issue i am facing with.

  • Here is what I did in my last projects:

    - I have a sprite called Camera

    - I compare

    If Player.X >= Viewport/2


    If Player.X < LayoutWidth - Viewport/2

    => Set Camera.X to Player.X

    => System Scroll to Camera

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  • hey Maverick1912,

    I am facing this problem on loader layout too.

    It fills the whole screen in other Android devices without Notch.

    But in Cutout (i.e. Notch ) screen android devices it shows black bars in the Notch Area (i.e Cutout Area)

    Searched for this issue :- (

    I just wanted to edit the styles.xml file with :

    <style name="ActivityTheme"> <item name="android:windowLayoutInDisplayCutoutMode"> shortEdges </item> </style>

    But i didn't get the styles.xml file in Construct3 exported project in Android Studio option or Cordova option.

    Please do help me out if anyone knows where would i get the styles.xml to edit it with the above code.

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