Does the "Create hierarchy" only still work with Sprite Objects

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  • I just curious about the Create hierarchy checkbox that displays on every object type Create action. Is this feature still only working for Spirit objects. I recall a past video where there was discussion of add more object types in the future. I search the C3 Manual and the Forums for any updates but have found no references as of this date. I interested in the possibility to include Arrays which a believe was mentioned in the video post some time ago. Just asking so I don't missed a new feature which has been implemented, but I missed it some how.


  • It's just a generic dialog. I don't think it's possible to add arrays to hierarchy. If you want to assign an instance of the array to each instance of another object, you can put them into a container.

    As far as I know, hierarchy works for sprites, tiled backgrounds, 9patch, text and sprite font objects.

  • Thank you dop2000 for confirming my thinking. One thing I have noted, even though the Check Box is generic in that it is none functioning it can effect an Event. I believe through experience, that if the Checked box is selected by accident, it interferes with the Event and/or Actions it is used in which prevents the expected result from completing. So it is not as benign as one my think.

  • These are the plugins that currently support scene graph transformations:

    • Drawing canvas
    • Tiled background
    • Text
    • SVG picture
    • Sprite font
    • Sprite
    • Shadow light
    • Particles
    • 9 patch
    • 3d shape


    If you think there is a problem please file an issue in our tracker, and make sure to follow the guidelines so we can sort out the problem as quickly as possible.

  • DiegoM Are there any plans to add form control objects to this list?

    I had a task recently where I needed to create a large complex popup dialog with lots of objects. I was able to connect everything in a hierarchy except for a few TextInput objects..

  • No plans. There are a few issues with fully supporting scene graph transformation on form controls.

    The main problem is that form controls don't rotate, so even if we added the support now, the immediate caveat is that they would not be affected by rotation of a parent, which is a pretty big caveat.

    I am not quite sure how much work would be to add support for form controls rotation, but like everything else, I am sure it would be more difficult than it sounds.

    I imagine the implementation would somehow involve CSS transformations (because it is the only way to apply rotation and scaling to DOM elements), but that is as far as I can picture. It seems like it is possible, just not a pressing issue.

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  • DiegoM I understand that form controls don't support rotation (and z-ordering) and can definitely live with that. If this is the biggest challenge with adding them to hierarchy, maybe you can simply deactivate "Transform angle" and "Transform Z elevation" checkboxes for them?

  • That itself is potentially complicated, especially if form controls have further children that can also be rotated. There are probably difficult edge cases. It could take significant refactoring work.

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