Can construct3 make an a-symetrical webgame?

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  • Hi

    I am new to construct3, am learning it in order to make a multiplayer game.

    In this certein game the host is on pc, and the pears supposed to be on mobile apps with different interfaces than the host. my questions are:

    1. Can it actually do it?..

    2. is it possible that the host will load a different room than the peers? or maybe the same room with different stuff?

    I need the peers to have a simple interface so that they won't have to download anything big.

    Thank you very much!



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  • short answer, yes but it will be hard

  • Yes, it can do it. Will it be easy, no.

    It sounds to me like you're going to attempt multiplayer and the host will be the server. For very simple stuff, Ajax can do a lot. For tracking player movements, bullets, etc. you're going to need a full blown websockets server. While C3 does have multiplayer built in, my experiences with it have been a lot less than inspiring. And multiplayer servers? That's a huge, huge ball of wax.

    If you're new to Construct, I STRONGLY recommend you start with a single player game. Multiplayer servers is a whole field of computer science unto itself.

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