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  • So now that we have heard a lot of the announcements from Construct 3, to be honest it has been pretty underwhelming, yes there are a few cool things, but there are no significant improvements nor added functionality to what I already do. This isn’t a thread to complain, but this is my wishlist, in Construct 3’s current state there are no significant added benefits for me to upgrade so I will see if there are any meaningful improvements in the future. My wishlist are as follows:

    1. Better physics behaviour. The Physics behaviour works well enough, but doing more advanced things is pretty complicated, it would be really interesting what kind of physics games could be created with a better physics engine.

    2. Multiple collision polygons. Sprites should be able to have more than one collision polygon, instead of using multiple sprites.

    3. Able to write custom programs/code in the game, instead of making them plugins or behaviours, similar to Game Maker.

    4. More advanced particle generator

    5. More behaviours that automate time consuming processes. Such as creating a behaviour for a menu and then calling it ‘menu’ to use all the time.

    6. Better animation import support, similar to gamemaker, that automatically imports all the frames of animations correctly

    7. Better educational support features, such as allowing teachers to build in game tutorials in Construct 3, similar to Microsoft Touch Develop.

    That’s all I can think of, for now.

    You guys are free to write your suggestions for Construct 3, please do not use this thread to complain about C3 or praise it. After all the blogs that we have been released, this is just a list of suggestion from the community to improve on C3.

  • First of all: my wishes are of medium priority. I think other people may have a better idea of what is important.

    Wish 1: Complete desktop support by supporting all apis of sites as gamejolt and (so that all features work. For example ads, achievement and leaderboards)

    Wish 2: when new features for an existing monetizing plugin arrive, I wish that this will be implemented in C3.

    Example I received by email:


    Engage users with rewarded video and maximize the value of content

    AdMob rewarded video ads are ad formats that give users the choice to engage with an ad in exchange for an in-app reward. With rewarded video ads, you can reward users with in-app items for watching video ads."

  • I also want to see native AdMob reward ads. I'd like to use just one plugin and AdMob only, instead of using Chartboost or another ad network for reward ads.

  • Good suggestions

    6. Better animation import support, similar to gamemaker, that automatically imports all the frames of animations correctly

    I'd also like to see:

    Atlas texture editing with origin points and polygon collision shapes.

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  • Polygons with bezier curves would be nice for collision shapes.

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