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  • Hi there !

    Construct 3 looks great. But is there someone that could compare it to Stencyl ?

    • which one is the easiest to learn ?
    • which one is the best to export to Android or iOS ?


  • Hi there !

    Construct 3 looks great. But is there someone that could compare it to Stencyl ?

    - which one is the easiest to learn ?

    - which one is the best to export to Android or iOS ?


    Why can't you do the comparison yourself rather than rely on the subjective opinion of total strangers?

  • Construct 3, from what I saw of Stencyl last - wipes the floor with Stencyl.

    Way easier to use and a lot faster to implement.

    I would need to go have a look at Stencyl again to make a updated opinion though.

    But yeah, Stencyl sort of got stuck at the certain point and never really advanced.

    The forums here has turned a bit sour as of late though.

  • Why can't you do the comparison yourself rather than rely on the subjective opinion of total strangers?



    1- Your Twitter CM suggested to ask this question here in your forum.

    2- I believe in opinion sharing

    3- It would be perfect to work on both environments during a few months and see the pros-cons of each one. But maybe someone has already gone through this and this would be nice to share his thoughts.

  • I haven't used Stencyl myself, but I found a couple of topics that might help you.

  • A couple of years ago I had a Studio license at Stencyl. I really like working with their blocks to create things, it's great to use and a lot of fun. That for me is a big plus. But there are too many drawbacks. Having not visited their site for a long time after I stopped using Stencyl (because I'd stopped developing any games so I wasn't using any program) I recently revisited it and was surprised to see it hasn't seemed to have moved on at all. It's no exaggeration to say it's been very slow to progress. If you go on their roadmap page it still says their version 3.5 is "coming late 2017", as I write this it's now middle of April 2018 and they've not even bothered to update that page to say the release is delayed and give a new date.

    Compared to Construct they don't support as many export options and the support on the forum isn't as forthcoming simply because there aren't as many members. There are some really nice people that use Stencyl and will help out but the number of them is low. The number of people working on Stencyl to develop it is also low, hence the snails pace of their development.

    As much as I do like Stencyl and enjoyed using it, at this time I'd only recommend Construct 3. Unless Stencyl suddenly comes out with a huge update and gets a tonne of people onboard developing it then looking to the future it's only likely to fall further back.

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  • I would stay away from Stencyl because they are so far behind and development seems to have slowed down to nearly a halt. Construct3 is by far the easiest to learn and fastest work with but if you are going to make android/iOS games I would recommend GameMaker Studio 2 or wait for Clickteam Fusion 3 since they both have powerful native exporters instead of wrapping html5/js with cordova. Maybe mobile exports with construct 3 will improve when the new runtime is done.

  • I think nearly everything important has already been mentioned. I've worked on a few small mobile projects in Stencyl and it's quite fun to use. Unfortunately the whole thing feels really dead, there's still some development going on but it's slow as hell and there's nothing happening on the forums.

    The best thing I can say about it is that the way you build logic is the closest thing to real programming I've encountered and it's also really good at teaching you a lot of principles of real coding. Because of this learning takes a bit longer and progress feels slightly slower in the beginning but over time you'll get better at building reusable logic.

    So, here's a quick subjective comparison:

    o Stencyl is fun to use - Construct 3 is more fun to use.

    o Learning and building stuff with Stencyl takes more time than with Construct 3

    o The way you build logic in Stencyl feels a bit closer to real programming than in Construct 3

    o Stencyl's development is worryingly slow - Construct 3's development is super fast and the devs are insanely active

    o Stencyl has native export - Construct 3 doesn't

    o Testing your project in Stencyl and the software in general is slower than Construct 3

    o Construct 3 is web based and can be used on a lot of devices with a browser - Stencyl can only be used on Mac and PC

    o Stencyl's forums feel close to dead - Construct's forums feel much more lively

  • In my humble, personal opinion: Stencyl are done. They had some momentum 5 years ago and then slowly crumbled to dust. It's over.

    or wait for Clickteam Fusion 3

    While I'm personally all gung-ho for native and alternatives and everything: so far Fusion 3 has been nothing but vapor (again: this is just my personal opinion). Their development has stalled since like 3 or 4 years. I'd be super surprised if they suddenly got their stuff together and released (yeah, I'm aware that they have been hiring or trying to recently, but still).

    I have a lot of resentment and critique towards Scirra and their chosen path, but one thing is certain: of those things mentioned in this thread they are by far the most alive and quick moving.

  • Thank you guys for your kind answers !

    I'll give Construct 3 a try. The more as I love the look and feel of this website and the editor UI

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