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  • Hi everyone!

    We thought we'd try something new now that we've got Construct 3 well into beta phase - every time there's a new release of Construct 3, I'm going to do a new thread in the forum. The thread will contain all the update information and will be (in theory) a good place for you guys to give us feedback or discuss what's new!

    Now it is entirely possible that this falls flat and just clogs up the forums, but we won't know until we try! So, without further ado:

    r17 was launched earlier today!

    The guys have been hard at work, and r17 includes 28 changes for you to enjoy. It is mostly bug fixes (thanks for being on it with those bug reports guys) but we've also added in a few additions and changes:


      Updated 'About' dialog to include links to the new feature suggestions and bug report systems
      New project dialog viewport sizes can now be dragged up and down like properties
      Resize selections in the image editor to fit the current image if they go outside of it


      Changed layout of crash report dialog on mobile
      Spinner controls outside of Properties Bar should act more like the ones in the Properties Bar when dragging up/down
      Reduced the amount of undo points shown in the drop downs and remove the scrollbars from the drop downs

    There are a few too many bug fixes for me to list here, but you can find them on all the r17 page:

    Don't forget that bugs are now dealt with over on GitHub (if you don't already have an account, please register with the same username as you have on here!)

    And we have our shiny new, Feature Suggestions platform!

    So, are you enjoying C3 so far? Happy about some of the fixes and changes in r17? Discuss away!

  • I didn't have much time to do any actual projects, but clicking around in every new release and testing a bit I can see it's getting more stable and less buggy little by little. Keep up the good work!

  • It runs fine now, but I've been running R16 on my Chromebook for days and the first time R17 tried to load I got a "WebGL not supported" warning. But then I clicked "Reload" and it loaded. And it's been fine since.

    (Fun fact: This is my first forum post since October 8, 2011.)

  • This is fine, but the beta is so limited that I really do not have any incentive, I can not start a project to continue it when the full version is available, I can not test the improvements, if they want people to continue testing they should give us a little more , something that allows us to really test C3, so until we can not test the new or without the limitations of 50 events, I do not think that C3 reopen, I do not see the reason.

    I understand that Scirra's motive is to correct bugs, but they have to give us some incentive to play with the tool, I think it's a mistake to have it so limited.

  • it might be the goal to have the biggest bug out before the gamejam, but when people start the gamejam and then all new features get opened, there will be a whole new chapter of bugs, which might be abit more aggrevative when trying to do a gamejam

    suggestion, open up feature per feature until gamejam.. if the goal is to open everything anyway

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  • I also don't see how limiting the events changes the focus of the bug squashing.

    Limiting the behaviors and such, yes that I can see as a way to focus the bugs that may occur.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, it is always helpful!

    Our devs are motoring through the bug fixes and we're already onto a new release!

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