Construct 3

Release r17

11 April, 2017 ()


Loads more bug fixes!

28 Changes

  • Updated About dialog to include links to the new feature suggestions and bug report systems
  • New project dialog viewport sizes can now be dragged up and down like properties
  • Resize selections in the image editor to fit the current image if they go outside of it
  • Changed layout of crash report dialog on mobile
  • Spinner controls outside of Properties Bar should act more like the ones in the Properties Bar when dragging up/down
  • Reduce the amount of undo points shown in the drop downs and remove the scrollbars from the drop downs
Bug fix
  • Project Bar: crash reordering layouts
  • Can now select items in tree controls by clicking item icons
  • Editor should prompt if trying to close the browser while a project is still saving
  • Event sheet: can now add or edit triggers in an OR block with an existing trigger
  • Event sheet: column width resizers should now hit test correctly when the font size has been changed
  • Layout view: crash pressing C with no selection
  • Layout view: crash middle-clicking when placing something with crosshair
  • Layout view: using Ctrl+X to cut, and then cancelling the copy prompt, would still delete the selection
  • Layout view: pressing Escape to cancel a placement did not fully restore normal selection
  • Webfonts with uppercase characters did not display in preview mode
  • Possible crash clicking Preview rapidly
  • Crash entering invalid viewport sizes in 'New project' dialog
  • Crash adding non-layout objects like Dictionary on mobile in r16
  • Cannot undo if some controls like checkboxes are focused
  • Fade behavior: 'destroy' property was not working (this also made the Rain Demo project gradually slow down)
  • Animations editor: image points and collision polygon changes not being saved after a crop or resize
  • Animations editor: crash when trying to copy the previous collision polygon into the first frame of an animation
  • Animations editor: crash with the bucket tool
  • Animations editor: clamp animation and frame properties if a value that goes over the limits is used
  • Animations editor: image editor did not have focus on the first click
  • Bug that allowed to create 2 object types after double clicking the 'Insert' button in the 'Create new object type' dialog
  • Tilemap bar: crash when using the rotate anti clockwise tool with a patch of tiles


This build has a big batch of fixes and a few additions and changes on top. We're working hard to stabilise the editor and we think we're making great progress. Thanks for all your bug reports!

In case you missed it, we've moved our bug report system toGitHub Issues. The new system is working very well, so we will likely keep it. Please register a GitHub account with the same username as you use on the forum (if you don't already have an account) and file any more bugs you find there!

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