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  • It sounds to me like this isn't actually anything to do with Construct. Of course software updates happen all the time no matter what software you're using. When using source control, it's up to you to manage updates with your team so you stay in sync - that's not specific to Construct. Also, I'm not aware of any problematic changes we made to the file format, it should be virtually the same and not cause any unnecessary conflicts on source control. Also there were no breaking changes I'm aware of so I don't know why your custom plugins would have broken, but it's up to you to maintain those anyway. I don't think it's fair to come here and tell us we shouldn't be making routine improvements to Construct, as we've been doing for about 10 years now without these types of problems seeming to happen to anyone else.

  • I don't think it's fair to come here and tell us we shouldn't be making routine improvements to Construct

    I've never implied this, I've said several times over my posts why I'm staying in one version, and praised all the work you do.

    I'm stating I have a legitimate problem with you forcing updates without asking first because it's breaking my team's workflow, and I'm offering a solution that won't bring up any problems. My custom plugins break because they're made for that version in particular, and you updating every client without me being able to do anything but use an unofficial launcher, is exhausting. I'm happily paying for Construct 3, but this is draining my work hours.

    Github already brings up A LOT of issues by itself, you must have seen people frustrated by it before. And I don't care about these things! I'm careful enough and know how to solve them, but this also includes staying in the same version, and these forced updates are harming me very much. I've already got the project corrupted only one day after this has happened; merging a branch with a different version broke a lot of stuff. Please, add some way to turn off autoupdates, even if it's a windows argument I can add when starting Construct. I hope asking for consistency in the software I use profesionally isn't much to ask.

  • gustavoChico I think you've explained very clearly, I don't know where Ashley got the idea that you are "telling scirra to stop making routine improvements" after reading these posts, if anything you've expressed your happiness about Construct 3 and your happiness about the updates, you just simply want to opt-out of updates for your current project, nothing more.

  • In your original post you stated there was "a huge issue" in "c3 Desktop", and asked that "that this will be eventually looked into". It sounded like you were saying there was a big problem in C3 and asking for help, so I tried to find out more.

    As far as I can tell, all that's happened has been a routine stable release exactly as we've been doing for years and years. I don't think there's anything more I can add.

  • Routine and stable for some, unstable and downright wasteful time wise for others.

    That is why updates should be done when the end user wants to do them ( Construct 2 worked that way )

    It has always been a sort of a golden rule with professionals. NEVER, EVER update anything mid project

  • We work hard to ensure a very high degree of backwards compatibility. Updates should never break projects. In fact you can open up projects made years ago, even with Construct 2 in 2012, and open them fine in Construct 3. If anything breaks, please file an issue following all the guidelines. As far as I'm aware, such breakages are very rare, and are usually corrected quickly.

  • routine stable release exactly as we've been doing for years and years

    I was first aware of your recommended way of using Github with c3 desktop back less than half a year ago (see image below), and this is the first obligatory update that has occured since then, so this is a brand new issue.

    In your original post you stated there was "a huge issue" in "c3 Desktop"

    Correct, there is an issue for those that are using C3 Desktop. And it's a big one. If I could use web c3 for github I would be delighted to do so (I could just use the version url), but that's not the case. I have to use the desktop c3, and I can't use it if it keeps changing my team's c3 versions.

    Please address this. I'm not asking you to fix all the bugs that come up from using Github, or add proper version control integration, I'm just asking for a hidden checkbox or a windows argument, please understand.

    Edit: I've added an image

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  • Correct, there is an issue for those that are using C3 Desktop. And it's a big one.

    And what is the problem exactly? I still don't know what the specific problem is that you're talking about.

    FYI there were also stable releases in late April, June, August, September, and now November.

  • And what is the problem exactly?

    I say exactly what the problem is later in that exact paragraph:

    "I have to use the desktop c3 [in order to use github], and I can't use it if it keeps changing my team's c3 versions."

    FYI there were also stable releases in late April, June, August, September, and now November.

    This is the first time an update has been enforced to everyone since you made that post regarding, and encouraging the use of Github. So this is the first time this particular issue has arisen.

    I need to use a particular version of the desktop app in order to use github properly, and I can't just change the url like in the web version.

    All this happened yesterday, and since then I've got my first corruption ever since I started the project. It's not a coincidence, it's what happens when you use Construct with Github and different versions get in the way. It's what happened in my last project and it's the reason I'm now using the same version for everyone. When I keep it safe, I get literally no issues. The update enforcement is not letting me keep it safe.

    I just want an advanced option to stop the enforced updates, because it has destroyed my workflow.

    Edit: correction

  • Updating Construct does not affect the use of GitHub or any other source control tools. I need to understand exactly what has happened to be able to comment further or provide any help.

    For example, if you're seeing conflicts on source control, updating Construct does not cause that. Those are actually caused by submitting contradictory changes. That's a different type of problem. Even if Construct completely changed the project file format, that in itself does not cause a conflict on source control. You just need to submit an update which makes the necessary changes, and make sure it doesn't conflict with anyone else's changes. But in this case, Construct has not changed the project file format at all. So even that is not a problem here.

  • Updating Construct does affect source control.

    I thought asking for a simple checkbox for a very good reason (and evidence of it being a legitimate need due to a problem that happened today, no less, just after the enforced update happened) was enough. But here's an example...

    I've pinpointed the issue that arose today on our project (I repeat, no issues have ever happened since the beginning of the project whatsoever, until yesterday's first enforced update); a team member got updated to 225 and toyed around with new mesh distortion (awesome feature btw! thank you very much for it), then pushed the build along a big list of important changes to his branch.

    I then merged his branch with master, the version numbers were correctly set, and there were no conflicts as we follow strict guidelines.

    Then merged my own changes I had stashed on my branch from last weekend to master, and opened it to check that everything works using 218 (all my custom stuff that affects my branch is made to work up to this version) on the unofficial launcher (it's the only way of using this version right now, as using the official one autoaupdates every time).


    Turns out my changes altered the version number again, and my version of construct didn't recognise any of the new features. I then had to manually revert all the merges, find all of the other branch's changes that do not use new features and add them back individually, then update the whole project and fix any custom thing that's broken.

    I have another branch to merge that I suspect has changes made in an older version, so I have to check on that specific field inside the project json file before I even think of merging that one as well.

    Imagine this, but with 3 or 4 different versions at the same time. It's hell. And this is just day one, when the custom stuff goes outside my branch it's going to be even worse. I'm losing time and sanity, and I only want an advanced way to stop the enforced updates.

    Again, this is a desktop only issue, in web I could just tell everyone to use the 218 url, all I'm asking is for a replacement of that for the desktop version. I think that makes sense, right?

  • What you're describing is essentially the same as saving a project in r225, and then opening it in r218. That's never been supported. Of course you can't use mesh distortion in r218 - the feature does not exist in that release.

  • That's right! I feel you have finally recognised the problem to some extent :)

    If you enforce updates onto a whole team, then I'll have to manually make sure every change is from the correct version! And everything will break constantly.

    So do we agree that Construct 3 desktop needs some way so everyone can always stay on one version, just like going to editor .construct .net /r218 in the web version?

  • The solution is for everyone on your team to update at the same time. That's all you need to do.

  • Exactly! And how can I make sure that every member of the team is on the same version and no other enforced update will bring up corruptions again? With an advanced setting!

    That's all I'm asking for :)

    It's just like going to an specific version url, but in desktop! In which you currently can't do, and just gets autoupdated to a specific version even if you reinstall (something that isn't consistent across my team)

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