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  • GeoffB - nice to know it's not just me! I would love to turn off updates for the desktop version, so I could get a stable setup and know it won't change until I want it to. From previous responses on the subject I don't think it's going to happen though. It affects me a lot because I only do this part-time, so have big gaps between periods of gamedev. I usually take a day or two off from my full time job to work on my games, and because I leave big gaps there is often an update. So I find I spend most of my time off fighting upgrade issues with nwjs or similar, rather than working on my games. Perhaps I am just unlucky.

  • There are plans for MacOS?

  • Desktop app crashes (closes) when running a project with FileChooser object. Create an empty project, add FileChooser, run - instant crash..

    Anyone else have this problem?

  • Desktop app crashes (closes) when running a project with FileChooser object. Create an empty project, add FileChooser, run - instant crash..

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Nope, Working fine for me. Tried both Stable and Beta

  • Sparsha Thanks.. I'm so sick of these random bugs with the desktop app. Projects with Classic scripts mode not working, developer console crashing, now this.

  • NW.js itself has been a regular source of difficult and complicated bugs and issues in the past, which is why I would prefer everyone moved over to using it in the browser instead. It tends to work better there.

    The only reason now to use NW.js editor is really just for convenient testing of the NW.js plugin. But even then you could use the editor in the browser, and use Remote Preview for NW.js to test the NW.js parts. You could also design your events to still do something useful when NW.js is not supported, e.g. fall back to placeholder data instead of reading files from disk, so you could do most of your testing in-browser anyway and then just occasionally remote preview or even fully export to test the NW.js parts.

    The new Windows and macOS desktop wrappers are much simpler and should be highly compatible with browser features. It's also possible to add extra runtime features like file system access in a way compatible with browsers (e.g. how Construct can use files on disk in Chrome). So in the long term I'd like to move to a world where the NW.js plugin is basically replaced by browser-compatible alternatives. Then there shouldn't be much need for NW.js left at all by the end - especially not for the editor. (But for backwards-compatibility, we'll likely keep supporting the NW.js export option for a long time anyway.)

  • What exactly are the priorities then?

    The two main methods to pay for a C3 license are mobile, and Steam.

  • My game isn't really functional without being able to read files from disk, so I hope that stays in the future!

  • For PC games, support for reading files from disk is required. Just like if you are going to sell your games, Steam support is extremely important. Without these minimum sets, the game is cut down and throws "Construct" 10 years ago (For PC games, mobile games are a completely different and special way of monetization)

  • I know file system access is used by lots of games, which is why I talked about still implementing it, but in a way compatible with browsers. Then you still have file access, and you can test it in the browser.

  • For some reason, the desktop version has been prone to crashing and refusing to start up as of recent. Clearing the local app data prevents this for about one startup, before it begins to crash or not start up again. Did something change recently?

  • NW.js has had a long list of problems that don't happen in the browser. I'd advise to just use Construct in Chrome instead at this point if you can. Otherwise just check you're on the latest version of NW.js.

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  • Thanks! Looking forward to using this for source control (I use bitbucket / git). Just last week I lost a day of work due to a user (i.e. me) cloud save / local *.c3p mixup that source control could have saved for me.

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