Construct 3 any news?

    Godot's system is more than a mom's spagetti.

    glerikud Well it wasn't this morning They probably noticed by now. But the Yoyo Community is already discussing what they've seen on it. It was a Node based DnD System similiar to Unreal's Blueprint, but vertically aligned. There was also an option to turn the Nodes directly into GML scripts and edit them that way...

    Sounds interesting. I'm interested in what they manage to get out of it.

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    Clickteam and YoYo Games are showing images of Fusion 3 and Gamemaker Studio 2

    When images of Construct 3?

    Maybe Scirra is like Nintendo/Apple.

    Do not depend on the movements of others, they go their own way.

    It seems like GameMaker is coming with a node -based system. I personally prefer Constructs eventing system.

    Scirra hiring RexRainbow . Thank you, rexrainbow !!!

    I am in full agreement on this one. Only minor detail, rex lives in the Philippines and they are in the U.K. Timezones are a nuisance.

    I imagine they have probably asked him in the past, and rex is probably not going to leave his extended family.

    Maybe Scirra is like Nintendo/Apple.

    Do not depend on the movements of others, they go their own way.

    If they (Scirra) do not show something soon may lose users, competitors are ready


    My philosophy of plugin (system) might not be compatible with scirra (Ashley). It's another big issue.


    I lives in Taiwan, not in Philippines. Ah, they are all in Southeast Asia.

    I hope it gets released soon. I don't even care about new features I just need linux support.

    the expectations of the new game engines era are really very high, check this out ""

    I personally prefer Constructs eventing system.

    I think it comes down to personal preference, but I also found the event based visual programming method the most effective and practical one (I've tried node-based and block based as well).

    the expectations of the new game engines era are really very high, check this out ""

    I am baffled as to why people are interested and hyped about 3d graphics that look like they are from 1996. And, even more, when the way to achieve them is convoluted and unintuitive, because the 2d engines aren't really meant to be used this way. Q3D is a fine example of this oxymoron, I bought it but unfortunately never used it, because it's complexity and lack of useful feedback upon creation, defeats the purpose of using an engine like C2.

    In the end, why not go an use a full fledged 3d engine like Unity or Unreal (I wonder), it will be easier to get something far more superior out of them. However, I understand that C2's event system is just too easy to work with (especially for not coders like myself), so that's why it's really disappointing that a 2.5 - 3dable version isn't on the works.

    eli0s I understand what you say, that video looks more like a proof of concept, but think about 2.5D or isometric (orthographic). It would be possible to create games like Fez or Super Paper Mario.

    Construct 2 helped me to learn how games are made, but the HTML5-only exporter is not really working out for me.

    I started moving to Fusion 2.5 . Is uglier, not as intuitive as Construct 2, and some plugins are not compatible with all platforms, but it exports exe/apk without the "joy" of using 3rd party services and without adding 50~90 MB to your 5 MB game. Also, the development of Fusion 3 looks promising.

    The announcement of GMS2 also got me interested. I missed the video, but from the reddit page I understand that they are improving the bad sectors (room editor, overall GUI, better image editor, drag end drop) and add a visual scripting to help the beginners.

    I have both GMS and CF2.5 from the bundles (both were less than C2's sale price)

    TGeorgeMihai I totally agree with you! Unfortunately all the engines have their own faults at the moment.

    Construct 2 has the best IDE + workflow, but has major lacks regarding export.

    CT Fusion 2.5 exports native apps, but the IDE is very badly out dated.

    GameMaker has good export options, but requires scripting and the editor is outdated.

    At the moment it seems like both CT Fusion and GameMaker are improving with those issues.

    Probably Scirra should be concerned if Fusion and GameMaker come close to Construct regarding usability and they have better export options.

    I have to say that I'm willing to pay good price if I get usability close to Construct and better export options.

    C2 was launched over 5½ years ago, and competitors are just now (maybe) approaching the usability/ease of the editor? I'm not sure Scirra should be too scared just yet, although it's always a good idea to stay up to date on what competitors are doing. We don't really know much about C3 right now, but it's been in development for around two years if not more, assuming development started around the time Ashley made the blog post about the future of Construct (which was January 2015). Scirra has a good basis in C2 to build on and I expect Construct 3 to improve in numerous areas. No need to assume competitors are the only ones that evolve even though Scirra hasn't shown their cards yet.

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