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  • Hi.

    I own a C2 personal license. So the license system changed for the new Construct 3. Now i am curious if i got it right & how it is meant to be. The new license system for C3 (personal) would be 89,-eur per year. So does this mean:

    1.) 12 month support ?

    2.) 12 month free updates ?

    3.) What happens after 12 month, if i don´t continue the license ? Can i still use C3 ? I guess i can´t update to newer versions !?

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  • Spax I think that you should check this faq first :

    I guess that everyone receives C3 updates regardless of having a license, but you will face free version limitations without your subscription.

  • Thx.

    Got some answers. So my last question (3) where described in the faq, as these:

    2.) What happens when my subscription ends?

    You'll still be able to open your projects in the free edition, but you will not be able to edit or export them. You will still have access to all your files and assets.

    This are heavy restrictions ! i have to say. I don´t like the idea, when your license ends, you paid a busines / personal license and after 12month you fall back to a free and even not able to edit something :-((

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