Construct 3 game to HTML5 uses WebGL?

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  • Hello!

    I'm actually not a game dev, I work for a telco in India and need help from the Construct 3 community to figure something out.

    We have a Game "Store" an HTML5 Wrapper basically, where people can play HTML5 games on their Android mobile. I'm helping a dev who uses Construct 3.

    My technical guys tell me that when converting a Construct 3 game to HTML5 you have to use WebGL 2.0. However I guess that will make the HTML5 for use in a mobile browser and it won't work with our store/wrapper. Is this true that you have to use WebGL2? Is there any way to port a Construct 3 game to HTML5 without using WebGL 2.0?

    Thanks in advance! Happy Thanksgiving!


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  • Construct games require WebGL, and can run on WebGL 1 (it does not require WebGL 2, but will use it if available).

    WebGL 1 is virtually universally supported now - including in the Android WebView used in Android apps - so it should not be an issue. Even WebGL 2 is very widely supported now, especially since it's supported on iOS 15+ now.

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