Construct 3 Desktop app just became unusable, any help?

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    A huge issue has just arisen a few hours ago regarding c3 Desktop.

    It automatically updated everyone to r255 without letting you make a choice. Happened not only to me, but for other members of the team.

    This wouldn't be a problem on the web version, I could just revert by changing the url, but here it just autoupdates even after reinstalling everything.

    We need to use r218 exclusively so we can ship with Steam integration, and we need the desktop version to work because we're using Github for version control, which is the only reasonable way to do it afaik.

    I can't develop anything in this state, so I'd like to at least know that this will be eventually looked into.

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your software!

    Similar thing happened a while back to me, now it happened with browser version ( and yeah, just auto-updated even though I said not now ).

    Short answer, you have to use browser version until ( if ) this gets resolved.

    I was never able to use desktop version again.

    I cannot open any of my Construct 2 files in Construct 3 now

    I can open them if using Firefox, but then I get failed to open preview error.

    This has been going on for me since Chrome version included save to disk feature by default.

    I can open files in version 210, before this "feature" was added

    I still develop in Construct 2, then use Construct 3 for exports and right now only r210 works ( browser )

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    Well that absolutely sucks. I think I've found a workaround (using the unofficial launcher, which is ridiculous), but I'd like to know if Ashley thinks forcing an update that breaks workflows is okay.

    Still not ideal but you can change "main" in package.json to load a specific version.

    Please don't cross-post the same post, it makes things confusing. You already posted this here, and I just replied here. To avoid duplication and mixed up discussion, closing this thread.

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