Construct 3 crashing !!!

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  • Hi everyone

    Today,Construct 3 crashed 3 times continuously.I was generating 25 sprites of coins plus few enemies.So i created my program and tested the algorithm.Although algorithm is perfectly correct but sometimes the program crashes

    did it happened to somebody else ? On first strike i lost my 50 percent project.On second and third strike i was careful enough to keep a copy of my project

    Also,after the program crashed,my all projects from local browser got wiped out(this really pissed me off:- long live google drive)

    Also during the crash,my cpu needle was at 100% throttle !!!(something really unusual)

  • 100 percent final.Now i can replicate the bug.

    Ashley ,please give me your email id so that i can share my project and can explain the bug in construct 3.It seems very serious(I dont want to public my source code in github)

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  • Out of interest what version are you using?

    ...for sure the latest beta r155 is crashing for me around about the time enemy sprites are being generated but I haven't had time to investigate.

  • See, I don't have any idea about version

    What I normally do-

    1.) open chrome

    2.)open main website

    3.)click on launch construct 3

  • You are probably on the stable release then. Can you try the beta and check if it happens there too?

    Can you replicate the crash in a minimal project? (Then you would't have to share your code public)

    Also I'd still post the issue on github even without a public c3p, it's just more likely to be noticed there.

  • If you need to provide a project in a private manner to accompany a bug report, you can always send it to, adding the URL to your bug report.

    Be sure to mention in the bug report that you sent your project this way as well.

    Also remember that for bug reports, it makes it easy for investigation to provide a project that focuses on the issue alone. Sending a "complete" project will likely get your bug report overlooked for lack of clarity and precision about the issue.

  • Please note that as explained in the bug report guidelines, large projects make it considerably more difficult to investigate bug reports and so if you report issues this way you should expect a much longer duration for investigation and resolution. In comparison, if you can provide a minimal project to the bug tracker following all the guidelines, we can often fix the problem very quickly.

  • even after the update the problem is stagnant

    I have explained the whole problem in the email.I will also post the problem in github

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