Construct 3 and 2 Blox puzzle idea, gameplay template and capx

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An amazing and interesting puzzle game for kids!
  • Construct 3 and construct 2 swipe move puzzle with portals and more than 30 pre designed levels. Unique gameplay with only one event sheet and easy customisation setup for adding multiple levels to the game. Touch swipe mechanics are super smooth. The game project is mobile ready for both Android and iOS and tested on actual devices.

    Please change the graphics and UI design before publishing the game to play store or app store.

    capx download link:

    in video description.

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  • Hi

    Thanks for the template. And coincidently I have been searching about it from last 1 week.

    But what is the "real" name of this puzzle game? Because it is practically impossible to search for something on google whose name you don't even know ( there must be someone who have worked on procedural generation of levels of this game as it is quite common one )

  • The one that I know of was called “Blox puzzle”. Not sure of how many variants are out there on play store and app store.

  • Thanks, i will take a look to your channels, that's exactly the kind of game i'am trying to make :)

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  • Hope you find it to be helpful and best of luck to you:)

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