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  • i wasted 2018 looking for an engine .

    i tried : game maker,unity,corona sdk,rpg maker and i can tell you with confidence that in c3 i can make the same as in other game engines in half the time and in some cases 1/3 time.

    just wanted to share it,in case a noob was wondering just as i was a year ago :what is the best engine for a beginer .

    also i lost my laptop yesterday and i can continue on my phone from the cloud and thats unique and one of the best features ever!

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  • I hope you still feel this way when it comes time to publish your game(s)...

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it though...


  • what do you mean?

    publishing has downfalls?

    i am not subscribed yet so i only made some html5 small prototypes and it went ok.

    ooooh now i get it.

    you can't export from android.mmm.


    also the graphic manipulation gets complex and the gestures don't work perfect,but the programing part works well.

  • Export to android is fine and there is a ton of documentation to guide you through it and publish to Google Play Store.

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