Construct 3... core problems fixed?

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  • Hello everyone,

    hoping someone can chip in and answer a couple of questions for me on Construct 3 (I started to go through the mammoth thread in the C2 forum but I couldn't definitively see the answers I was looking for).

    I also cant test for myself as despite having Chrome Beta with WebGL enabled and the latest nVidia drivers I just get the "No WebGL" error when I try and open C3

    Anyway - my two agonising core issues with C2 (and the reasons I'd never recommend it to anyone) are the reliance on 3rd party wrappers for mobile, and reliance on 3rd party plugins for monetisation.

    Despite getting 3 games onto both appstores (and having over 1200 hours in C2) how Construct plays with services like IntelXDK/Cocoon and advertising plugins like Appodeal/Admob appears to be pot luck at absolute best. Settings that worked perfectly one export, will simply not work on the next export. Adverts will work spuriously in one export and not at all in another (despite the logic not being changed and all plugin/wrapper versions being the same).

    Bitching aside (as I'm sure you've heard it all before - I have) does C3 deal with either of these issues?

    Is there any direct to appstore export? Please tell me we don't need to rely on the likes of XDK or Cocoon anymore.

    Is there inbuilt support for advertising/monetisation? Even if there isn't, have any improvements been made in this area?

    Fingers crossed,


  • Constructs seemingly luck based approach to ad fufillment on mobile (I'm assuming due to wrappers, as the vendors are highly popular) has always made me wary of investing too much time into a mobile game.

    I would be very interested if Scirra were to get more hands on with ad networks, as they appear to be doing with IAP.

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  • UnseenHand

    Check this blog posting: ... onstruct-3

    One click mobile wrapping using their own mechanism is a thing, no more XDK etc.

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