C3 for Unity - Is there any interest for this?

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  • Since it's not really possible to port C3 to Switch or other consoles, we are thinking about porting it to Unity instead and running console games from there.

    Is there any interrest in such a project?

  • Yes. Although construct is all about the browser. If performance was up to par I think many here would pay good money for that, including myself,... Assuming I had a game good enough for console.

    Sounds like a huge undertaking though and you might be in competition with the chowdren project.

  • You would be better off replicating the way eventing works in another engine.

    Unity already has a few at no real comparison from what I understand.

    Godot has an event system as well, but its spaghetti.

    Additionally I would suggest staying away from non open source engines.

  • Not really worth the effort.

    If it’s for free and you think it would be fun to try then that’s one thing. Construct features/limits are heavily dependent on browser apis and JavaScript features.

    Feature parity would be a tall order.

    If it’s something to sell you could just do paid porting, and implement features as needed on a game by game basis. That’s what the next Penelope did, and chowden is basically just a porting service as well.

  • Fortunately, there's visual script very very similar to C3 that exist out there, it's called Gameflow. Gameflow has event system, condition, variable, list, localization, and many more. Just check by yourself.

    Thank me later than..

  • I would be very interested in this Project!!

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  • Chowdren has done the work to make multiple visual scripting tools export to consoles, but sadly only supports C2 right now and not C3.

    That said, if you're going to do the work of making a converter from Construct to another runtime, go for the Godot Engine because it's open source and someone has started making visual eventing for it so you can collaborate: github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/17795

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