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  • Created this thread for discussing upcoming new runtime improvements. Thanks for a great blog posts detailing some of the improvements we can expect.

    Here are some link to the Blog posts.

    Announcing the Construct 3 runtime

    New text features in the Construct 3 runtime

    Behaviour improvements in the Construct 3 runtime

    The architecture of the Construct 3 runtime

    Once the construct 3 alpha goes live, feel free to use this thread to post benchmarks of your games comparing the C2 and C3 runtime. Improvements, Performance, things that brake and other findings. It would be nice to see some benefits of the new runtime in some actual projects.

    Keep up the good work Scirra Team!

    EDIT: Updated the post with all the latest blogpost.

  • And one question from me: will the old Construct 3(or maybe construct 2) projects be compatible with the new c3 runtime?

  • And one question from me: will the old Construct 3(or maybe construct 2) projects be compatible with the new c3 runtime?

    Near the beginning of the blog post:

    And we've even managed to keep it highly compatible, allowing many existing projects to opt-in to the new runtime with few or no changes.

    It would be nice to learn what the details are, but it seems like compatibility is an important consideration for them already.

  • [quote:a9tg1tka]We believe our new runtime is so good it will compete strongly with some native engines on the market.

    Great job Scirra!!! I have never, even for one second doubted you guys .

    I am so pleased that I've stuck with Construct 3.

  • Any information on how big the runtime downloads will be?

  • The new runtime sounds extremely great, and basically, it's almost all that I was really hoping for. I don't mind the subscription model, and actually, the web-based system is quite practical when I can access my projects from anywhere. If even half of the features that are spoken of are provided, then C3 is more than justified.

    Some Features that I'm hyped about:

    1. Improved performance

    2. Modular events

    3. Sub-layouts

    4. A more capable graphics system --> e.g. official drawing canvas

    I have used most of the common game engines, and none of them are as fun and snap to use as C3. And if the new runtime redeems all the promises, the only missing thing is console exports (PS4, Switch). At the moment C3 is great, but it's going to be kick-ass epic!

    Scirra is definitely ahead of their time with C3, and I can see more companies follow the same path in the near future, but I just hope that Scirra hasn't lost too many of the evangelists and important stakeholders with their business direction. I have seen the frustration and leaving of the more serious game and add-on creators, and it's probably impossible to win them back, even thou C3 would be everything they hoped.

  • To be "that" guy:

    If C2 had "near native" speeds, does this mean C3 is 2~3 faster then native ?

    Jokes aside, is really nice to see how much Construct and HTML5 have grown in the past few years. Good luck and keep growing

  • Updated the Original post with links to all the latest blog posts.

    Construct 3, a year in review.

    According to the latest post above we can expect to try it out pretty soon, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  • I'm not trying to be an a$$ here but I'd rather Scirra spend my subscription $ focusing on fixing and maintaining the online C3 environment. No point in making things "faster" if they rarely work in the first place. It seems every time I sit down to work "somethings broken".

  • I feel they must actually focus on getting the C3 runtime out ASAP so we can get busy with maturing C3. There will have to be porting and developing of addons / plugins yet again?

    I was straddling 2 competing products....C3 and another one, but currently C3 is winning out primarily because of speed of creation. I can do things much quicker in here than in the other tool, however, if they bring some of the features and speed of the runtime in - I don't think I'll be using the other product for my main development tool, esp if the features from the wishlist being voted for gets implemented (Few of them are "Wait for new runtime.", lots of ones "Undecided." )

    Either way I'm really excited for the new runtime and new features since I reckon this has been what was needed after C2.

  • Finally got a chance to play around with the C3 runtime and I'm quite impressed. There seem to be some major performance boosts in almost all areas..... except one.

    Frame animations

    I ran the quad issue performance test with and with and without animations. I just duplicated the first frame of the Sprite object to have a 3 framelooped animation.

    C2 runtime without animations - 94.000 30fps

    C2 runtime with animations - 54.000 30fps

    C3 runtime without animations - 111.000 30fps

    C3 runtime with animations - 49.000 30fps

    Stopping animations or switching to another animation did not increase framerate much either. Setting all the animated sprites to invisible reset the fps to 60. Ashley is this something that will see some performance improvements as well. Just out of curiousity, what's the main reason frame animations has that big of a performance hit?

    It seems like once Animations are started they never really stop. They will continue to have a pefromance hit, as long as they persist, or have visibility set to visible.

  • Just out of curiousity, what's the main reason frame animations has that big of a performance hit?

    In that test, each sprite takes on the order of a few hundred CPU cycles. So even tiny amounts of extra work will look like a big performance hit.

    The work to tick animations ought to stop when the animation stops, but if you leave the animation playing it will have to keep ticking the animation, which will show up as a performance impact.

  • No fair..I wanna play...... Im getting black screen on all projects (no 3rd p plugins) (including the scirra game demos) with c3 runtime.... (Work computer - Windows 7 Chrome 57).

    edit: Cheers Ashley I saw your reply on the blog. Yes r95.2 I just tried briefly on work computer which are pretty customized and locked down so will have a proper play tonight with my own gear at home. Its amazing that you have pushed it out already. Nice one.

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  • On my Mac I've been having no issues with it. (Running Chrome)

    Tested it on version 95 on iPhone 8 running latest update. No issues. Then when a patch got released to fix the issues others are having R95.2 I no longer can run it on iOS. So kinda strange in that regard. (It goes to editor.construct.net/R95-2)

    FOr testing, so far the particles on C3 seems to running quite smooth and I pushed it quita a lot. I took the standard included test but created a lot of additional particles. Running 10 000 particles on screen and not getting close to maxing CPU.

    Question: Why does it say GPU na? Does those tests not use GPU at all?

    Can one enable it to force it to use the dedicated GPU?

  • At home on windows 10 my project does indeed load up and run (chrome) , However I wasnt really able to gauge any performance gains as many of the layers were not being displayed and anytime I touched the joypad the game froze. (something about null "length" in dev tools). Keyboard commands didn't seem to work either but mouse was good. This is not a complaint, I understand it is alpha, just FYI. Its great to see it running.

    My time is very limited recently but I will try to swap over to C3 runtime from time to time to help identify bugs and what not so we can get this bad-boy fully up an running ASAP.

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