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  • Ashley

    With regards to the new text improvements does this mean that with the text object its no longer cpu intensive if its being updated every tick, say for if you wanted to produce the effects you showcase in the blog?

    Also do you still need to wait a tick for things like text length to be correct after they are set like in the c2 runtime?

  • Have you tried it? You could just make a quick test and check.

  • I did a test and it looks like all the annoying issues with the text object in the c2 runtime have been fixed in the c3 runtime.

    Text width and height appear to update straight away and it looks like updating text every tick doest have much effect on cpu or fps.

    I think most game engines turn text fonts into bitmaps internally, is this essentially what c3 runtime is doing now?

  • Really excited for this to come over to stable release. Can't wait! :)

  • Is C3 runtime supports Canvas rendering? Or WebGL is requested?

  • The C3 runtime only uses WebGL. The old canvas2d renderer has been removed.

  • Hey!

    Just noticed there is a separate thread for C3 Runtime so decided to drop couple of "questions"

    - I guess the C3 runtime is still less or more "in development" and stuff may not work the way it is intended? Even though it was added as the "default runtime" for new projects?

    - Exporting to Android seems to have some issues such as: text objects disappear, 9-patch objects disappear, the game crashes after ~30 seconds from start, performance is way worse than c2 runtime. So is this just me, or already known issues?

    - Everything works smoothly on desktop and with c2 runtime (even on mobile) but when switching, these problems start to appear. Should I write bug reports of these, or are these known already?

    Thanks in advance!

  • See the latest release notes for the current state of the C3 runtime. If issues are not already filed they're not known, so please file any other issues following all the guidelines.

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  • Hi all :), please help me to understand C3 Runtime

    I make a new blank project with stable version R122 R120 C3 Runtime

    (new blank project in R122 R120 is C2 Runtime, I change it to C3)

    in debug layout it show "22mb images" what is this mean ? "mb" stand for megabyte ?

    then I try the beta version R125, also make a new blank project which C3 Runtime selected by default

    in debug layout it show "0.6mb images" it is mean only need 0.6 megabyte for a new blank project ?

    why it is so different from R122 R120 which takes 22mb ?

    Question :

    I make my project in R122 R120 from the start.. Then if one day R125 released to RXX stable version.

    And if I open my project file using that new stable version, Is it posible for C3 to "auto optimize" my project ?

    Or am I missunderstanding this thing ?



  • We fixed a memory leak and adjusted the measurement to measure the same thing the C2 runtime did, I wouldn't read too much in to that difference.

  • misstyping my previous post. edited "R122" to stable "R120"

    Looks like is solved since R122 beta bug fixes "C3 runtime: possible memory leak using WebGL 1"

    How about the "image memory usage" in Project Statistic ? Is it another different things ?

  • The project values are estimates. Small differences are not important.

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