c3 keeps asking me to update even though I've already updated

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  • Fengist - that sounds like the same case as discussed here. Presumably you're visiting editor.construct.net?

    It would be useful to remember: beta releases are never served from editor.construct.net - that only serves the latest stable release (which is what the typical user will want). If you want to be using a beta release you must have the release number in the URL, e.g. editor.construct.net/r146.

    Actually, I'm using the installed app. I just click and open the desktop icon. The confusion arises when it realizes I'm not using the latest beta and asks me if I want to "upgrade". When I select yes, It doesn't actually upgrade the desktop app, It appears that it closes the app, launches the browser and takes me to the latest beta URL. Because it doesn't upgrade, the next time that I launch from the desktop app, it's still not updated and asks me again.

    It would seem that as long as I'm running the beta and using the desktop app, I have 2 choices. Uninstall and reinstall when a new beta comes out or just keep clicking the "upgrade" button.

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  • And I just tested. The only way to get it to stop asking to upgrade is:

    Run the app from the desktop, when it asks to upgrade, decline.

    Click the 3 vertical dots at the top right, uninstall C3.

    Open the browser, go to editor.construct.net.

    Again, it prompts to do an update. Select yes.

    Then, from the C3 menu, install the app.

    If I run the app from the desktop and choose yes when it asks to upgrade, it never gives me the option to upgrade or install the app. I have to uninstall it first.

    It's really no big deal to just keep clicking on the 'upgrade' button. It was just confusing as I expected an upgrade and not a redirect.

  • I bookmarked construct.net/beta

    And yesterday I click it and it brings me to editor.construct.net and says "You are on Update 142.2 there's a new update 148". So I retap the link thinking I did something wrong. Why isn't it sending me to the beta version??

    It took me a few minutes to understand that there was a stable release and now the beta and stable are synced.

    no offense, but this system is confusing at best! be wary new users!

  • I agree. If I have the app installed and it asks to upgrade, it should upgrade the app and not just load the editor.construct.net/whateverbeta. Either way, now that beta & stable are sync'd and stable has the new functions, I've switched back to stable just to keep from getting asked to upgrade every time I run the app.

  • Been having the same problem for a while now, somehow missed this thread. I also install the latest C3 beta as a desktop app, and have to go through the rigmarole of uninstalling and reinstalling updates in order to get them to stay updated.

    I agree that it is confusing to receive the "update success" message only to have the version revert next time you open, especially when you also receive "downloaded, ready to use offline" notification as well.

    If part of the problem is beta and stable releases use different URLs, so if you're using beta then your URL is not going to point to the latest stable, when there is a new stable release couldn't the beta track be updated to match it e.g. if there is a stable 100, create a beta 100.0?

  • Unfortunately Construct can't change installed apps for you. It's just like creating a bookmark - web pages don't have the power to alter the URL of the bookmark, you just have to bookmark the right URL in the first place. It does sound like lots of people keep running in to this, but I'm not sure what we could do about it.


    Why isn't it sending me to the beta version??

    Why would it? By the time a stable release is out, the beta version is out of date and the stable release is newer. Do you really intend to keep using an old version?

  • Ashley I think you need to reread that post, that was a rhetorical question. As in: I was asking myself what is going on? If you read the rest of it you will see that I know the answer, as I said: "it took me a minute to figure out what was going on"...

    I'm not trying to be negative or insensitive or anything, I'm just telling you the system is confusing. I teach Construct to a class of 16 students and I literally see their confusion. And I understand because it was confusing to me.

  • Are you using beta versions in a classroom? I wouldn't recommend that, they can be pretty buggy sometimes. If you just stick to stable releases, isn't it straightforward?

  • Ashley

    It was not my intention to use the beta version in the classroom.

    I wanted to show the students the new Timeline feature, so I went into beta, then mistakenly stayed in beta when viewing class material. I hit save once and then I had to be in beta every time I opened that particular project. (I've tried to roll back projects to earlier versions without success - unlike how easy it was with C2).

    Then it happened again when I was helping a student - I saved their project without realizing I was in beta, then they needed to be in beta in order to open it. And it literally spread like a virus from there...so then I just stayed in beta.

    It's 100% my own fault, I was merely reporting how I thought it was confusing here on the forums. I never quite understood that editor.construct.net loaded the current stable version. In fact at the time I didn't realize you could get to other versions with /r142 etc... I thought it literally updated the computer you were on. I'm sure there were times I thought I was in beta but wasn't.

    Ideally when I performed a SAVE, if there was a popup that warned I was saving to newer version of the software probably would have saved me grief. But I realize that is fraught with problems, since the user could have added something only available in that update, then it becomes an ordeal for the user and the program.

  • If you're ever unsure just look in the About dialog - it tells you what version you're using there.

    The update system is designed for the common use case of moving between stable releases. I don't think using beta releases in a classroom environment is a common use case or something we should be optimising the update system for. So I'm not really sure what could be done about this.

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