C3 and C2 request - no dragging objects into locked layers

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  • Hi everyone,

    So this is something that goes way back to even C2 and it MUST END!

    Would it be possible to prevent objects from being dragged into locked layers? I don't know how many times I've locked a layer and forgotten to click a different unlocked layer only to have it be stuck in the locked layer unmovable or even unelectable.. then i have to unlock the layer.. move the item.. etc..

    Yes I know.. "don't drag things on the locked layer dude".. yes yes yes.. but i imagine i'm not the only person who's done this and i just wondered if this is a thing that's just me or others have experienced this minor quirk but one that also seems like it could be equally easy to fix and make a better UX.

    If all layers are locked for some reason the item just wouldn't drag over.. like the non-dragable system objects.



  • +1 for this.

    Also maybe an option to lock Pasting (Ctrl +V) into locked layers, or hidden ones.

    I probably waste half an hour a day looking for lost sprites this way.

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  • You're right, there doesn't seem to be a good reason for this. I filed a C3 issue to change it.

    I guess it should apply to hidden layers too? If you drag-and-drop or paste instances to a hidden layer, just like with a locked layer you still can't do anything to those instances until you change the layer settings.

  • Ashley I think that's a great addition. I don't deal with hidden layers much (other than to make sure things are grouped quickly) so that was never really a thing for me.

  • K-thanks.

    Now if you could just magically fix it so it knows what layer I want it on.

    Or, just give the object a preference setting for a default layer.

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