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  • Hi!

    Long time without visiting, so maybe you have already talked about this, but just in case:

    • I've seen Construct 3 is browser based. Does it means it works worse or has less features than Construct 2.
    • I've seen C2 users should have a discount on C3, but I get an error every time I try to log in construct.net. Maybe is cause I have spaces in my nick, but it works fine in scirra.com
    • C2 projects can be imported into C3?


  • Welcome back!

    1 - Construct 3 is browser-based, but it does have a bunch of features that C2 doesn't (and won't get.) You can find out more on construct.net and take a peek at the free version.

    2 - If you're having trouble logging in, drop an email to and someone should be able to help you.

    3 - Yes, Construct 2 projects can be imported into Construct 3, but it will be dependent on whether any third party plugins you're using have been ported. It's a little different if you just want to use C3's build service to export your C2 games though as explained here.

    Hope this helps!

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  • Anyone who was working your project halfway on C2 and switch to C3 care to share what are the advantages/benefits or inconvenience you have gotten from this move?

    One of the inconvenience seems to be 3rd party plugins I guess. Another one I saw it seems like remote previewing on C3 isn't instant/slower than C2 (might be an old bug idk when C3 just came out - Anybody can confirm?)?

    I saw someone mentioned that his Macbook Air is now also able to handle building the game on C3 since it's browser based, that's one advantage/benefit too. (How does this work actually?)

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