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  • Hey Ashley,

    you already mentioned that you are a small team with limited resources which can cause a long approval time for Build Service Requests.

    There I have a suggestion you maybe can add to your services: Something like a premium request service. Therefor you charge a special amount per whitelist request but then it's definitely done in X days. I think a good number would be around 5 days.

    I suggest this since if you have a big live game and need fast / important updates to a huge community, you also have enough money to pay for a "premium request service". I don't really know how much time (work hours) it needs to whitelist a single addon, but maybe 100 USD per request would be a fair amount. Even if it would be more I would have used this service several times in the past, but also interested for feature requests.

    For example I saw a Build Service Request opened 21 days ago. For "real" publishers this could be very huge problem if you need to react fast (maybe important update or whatever).

    I don't know if something like this is even possible, but if yes, it would be a very great improvement!

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards.

  • Their time is worth much more than that.

    I propose an auction starting at say $10000.

    Surely the "real" publishers could come up with such a paltry sum.

  • Hey newt,

    I think an average hourly wage is around USD 100 and I don't think it needs 100 hours to whitelist a single addon :) So my USD 100 is based on the fact, that it needs 1 hours in average. And like I said, if it needs more time, it could be also more... But really nobody gets USD 10,000 per hour... Also you wouldn't pay that much for a single addon to whitelist, even if you get million dollar with your app / game.

    Btw. USD 10,000 is much more than a single addon costs to develop, so that makes totally no sense ;)

  • Just trying to be fair to every other person that uses the product. Scirra's time is their time, and no game is worth the devaluation you just placed on a group of people.

    For example I saw a Build Service Request opened 21 days ago. For "real" publishers this could be very huge problem if you need to react fast (maybe important update or whatever).

  • So you say their time is worth much more (USD 10,000), then you say their time is worth nothing (everything for free)...

    More money means better services for all, that's just a fact. Also most of the addons are for the whole community and not only for one person. So if someone requests a "premium whitelisting" then many others also profit from that.

    In the end it's their decission if they can afford time for such a service. It's just a suggestion from my side.

  • CGamez

    If you have a feature request or idea post it here

    That way others can vote and if it gets enough votes scirra might consider it!

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  • Every plugin request requires a full security review to make sure there is no risk to the build service, and we're a small team with limited resources. Please be patient. Also paying a small amount will make the problem worse, since administrating one-off payments manually is a significant amount of additional work.

    You can also build with any Cordova plugins by doing your own offline build with the Cordova CLI. So you don't need to wait for us to update the build service and approve plugins. If you're on a deadline, just do your own build.

    Developers should also post any requests well ahead of time. For example if you know you'll need a plugin allowed in 3 months time, you can file the request immediately and it should be ready in time. If you leave it until the last minute and we're busy at the time you make the request, then you'll needlessly face a delay.

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