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  • There are several bugs and the procedure to complain about is extremely complicated. This GitHub site is not at all friendly. For a paid program (and very expensive), it is leaving much to be desired.

  • 1) GitHub lets developers track their bugs in an organized way. It takes about 45 seconds to sign up for a GitHub account.

    2) The software costs an equivalent of $8.25/month. I don't think that's very expensive :)

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  • the procedure to complain about is extremely complicated

    Github is for reporting bugs, not complain about them. If you wanna complain, I recommend the forum. Just be aware that complaining will not help solving the bug.

  • The guidelines are there because people routinely file issues that are useless, and are impossible to help with. There are also lots of issues filed that are just mistakes in people's events, or otherwise unrelated to Construct. After years of dealing with thousands of user bug reports, the guidelines have been carefully crafted to maximise the chance that we can actually help you and fix the problem that you are reporting. It does involve providing a fair amount of information, but that is necessary for us to be able to help you. I think we have a very good track record with generally fixing issues quickly when they are reported well, and as it stands we've closed 98% of all reported issues in Construct 3.

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