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  • Hi i have created particle blood similar to broforce , the only thing is i need some collision with the ground. The particle count is 250 particles. If i created the same effect using bullet , meaning 250 bullet objects , what would be the performance? This is for mobile game. Thank you

  • every particle system in each game is different and it uses different technology, the particles used in Construct are limited to those options, in broforce i guess they used their own particle system where they can make then have physics and collide with the ground.

    i would like Construct 3 to have an entire particle editor system, what i do is to create my own particles using just sprites and tons of event sheets.

  • Looks to me like they're just squares w/physics spawned from the enemy upon contact.


    On hurtbox collision w/ Enemy |

    Repeat 100 times | Enemy Spawn BLOOD_SQUARE Image Point (1)

    On BLOOD_SQUARE spawned | Apply Impulse [random(1,2)] Angle ([andom(235,305)] Image Point (0)

    On BLOOD_SQUARE collision w/ ground | Set BLOOD_SQUARE physics to disabled

  • I remember Ashley stating that particles are essentially just sprites with bullet bahivor (can´t remember exactly but something like that), so there is basically not much difference in performance between creating particles with the particle object or creating particles with "create object". The benefits are that you can apply physics behavior or other stuff aswell that the particle object does not allow. So apart from the additional impact (performance wise) from the bullet behavior or the physics behavior there is no difference. 250 particles are likely to be way too much though, especially with physics, you probably should do 50ish maximum. But you can try the bullet behavior, I think it has less impact on performance.

    [quote:2sw8uhjo]tons of event sheets.

    Why would you need tons of event sheets for this?

    On enemy hit | Create object "foo" at position XY

    Repeat 20 times |"foo" Set bullet angle to rand(A, B)

  • Thanks , i will try all above solutions

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  • Instantiating 250 sprites with bullet behavior each time, will probably impact your performance.

    What you can do is you keep the particles and you mix it with some sprites (20 ? 50 ?) with bullets for that bouncing with the ground effects.

    I think it's a good compromise between performance and aesthetics.

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