Blocked on loading on IOS Xcode simulator

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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to export my game on IOS and first I want to test with Xcode. But when I'm lauching it on the simulator, it stay stuck at the loading screen, fully loaded.

    It work on my Iphone tho but I would like to be able to test it on other devices.

    Any help would be appreciate!

    Also bonus question: is someone has a complete tutorial on how publish on AppStore? I'm almost there but I'm still missing the export from Xcode to the app store.



  • Did you update the supportcheck.js file?

    Under www > scripts > supportcheck.js - copy "C3_IsSupported" and somewhere in that file it says "undefined" replace that with "C3_IsSupported"

  • Thanks for the reply!

    Yes I did and unfortunately, it doesn't seems to work..

    Here is my supportcheck.js after modification:

    'use strict';(function(){var isKasperskyScriptInjected=!!document.querySelector('script[src*="kaspersky"]');var tmpCanvas=document.createElement("canvas");var hasWebGL=!!(tmpCanvas.getContext("webgl")||tmpCanvas.getContext("experimental-webgl"));var missingFeatures=[];if(!hasWebGL)missingFeatures.push("WebGL");if(typeof WebAssembly==="C3_IsSupported")missingFeatures.push("WebAssembly");if(missingFeatures.length===0&&!isKasperskyScriptInjected)window["C3_IsSupported"]=true;else{var msgWrap=document.createElement("div");"notSupportedWrap";document.body.appendChild(msgWrap);var msgTitle=document.createElement("h2");"notSupportedTitle";if(isKasperskyScriptInjected)msgTitle.textContent="Kaspersky Internet Security broke this export";else msgTitle.textContent="Software update needed";msgWrap.appendChild(msgTitle);var msgBody=document.createElement("p");msgBody.className="notSupportedMessage";var msgText="This content is not supported because your device's software is out-of-date. ";var ua=navigator.userAgent; if(/android/i.test(ua))msgText+='<br><br>On Android, fix this by making sure the <a href="">Android System Webview</a> app has updates enabled and is up-to-date.';else if(/iphone|ipad|ipod/i.test(ua))msgText+="<br><br>Note: the <strong>iOS simulator</strong> is not currently supported due to an <a href=''>Apple bug</a>. If you are using the simulator, try testing on a real device instead."; else if((/msie/i.test(ua)||/trident/i.test(ua))&&!/edge\//i.test(ua))msgText+="<br><br>Note: <strong>Internet Explorer</strong> is not supported. Try using <a href=''>Chrome</a> or <a href=''>Firefox</a> instead.";else if(isKasperskyScriptInjected)msgText="It appears a script was added to this export by Kaspersky software. This prevents the exported project from working. Try disabling Kaspersky and exporting again.";else msgText+="Try installing any available software updates. Alternatively try on a different device."; msgText+="<br><br><em>Missing features: "+missingFeatures.join(", ")+"<br>User agent: "+navigator.userAgent+"</em>";msgBody.innerHTML=msgText;msgWrap.appendChild(msgBody)}})();

  • You should not need to modify any files. The iOS simulator should work with the latest Xcode 12+. (Older versions don't support it, because the bundled iOS simulator did not support WebAssembly, but Xcode 12+ does support it now.)

  • Thanks Ashley I downloaded Xcode v.12 and the simulator is working fine!

    However now I have a new problem with the v.12, I can't open a new project exported from Construct. I still can open the previous ones that were already open with the previous version but when I click on "Open" and choose the a decompressed exported zip file, Xcode close (or freeze)..

    How can I fix that?

    My export routine is:

    Project export>IOS(Cordova)>Mini simple>Version 12.0+ / Construction IOS Xcode Project / hide status bar>Export>Decompression of the zip file>Open Xcode>On the popup window, choose "Open a project or file">Select the decompressed file>Crash..

  • I have the same problem, new projects don't work in xcode 12

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  • I'm afraid we can't help with issues in Xcode itself - it's made by Apple and any issues with it need to be reported to them.

    There was an Xcode 12.0.1 update recently which fixed a crash, so it may be worth checking for an update to Xcode.

  • Ashley

    I'm using the last Xcode 12.0.1

    and you can't open any project exported from construct

  • With xcode 12.0.1 can't open C3 projects

  • That's... a bummer :/ Always when in the rush for a client that a technical issue arise ^^

    Is that working for you Ashley? Would it worth going to R217 (I'm still with the stable version)?

    it's made by Apple and any issues with it need to be reported to them.

    Done but it will takes time (if they ever fix it)..

  • I use r217 and it doesn't work; (

  • I've already done several iOS exports as part of my general testing and development work, and they all opened fine. To double check, I just did another iOS export and opened it in Xcode 12.0.1, and it opened and ran on an iPad just fine. So it seems to be working fine here. I'm sure Construct is exporting valid Xcode projects and so the problem is not with Construct.

    Anyway, as I mentioned, we can't fix problems in Xcode - that's up to Apple, so if you have trouble, you'll have to contact their support.

  • Thanks for the feedback Ashley

    I understand it is Apple issue but any tips on what we could modify in our export to make it maybe work? Is that a size issue (I don't think so has I try with an empty project), a project propriety issue, etc?

  • I think the only solution would be to go back to xcode 11, no project works.

  • I'm afraid I've no idea what might help. Apple make Xcode, not us, I don't know what could be wrong or what might help. As I said, you need to be contacting Apple support over this, not asking us.

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