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  • I really thought using C3 would be like C2 only better and with more options.

    But it seems that a lot of simple little important things are missing or were changed in a way that makes it more tedious to use.

    For example, why is the grid control is now only visible on the layout properties?

    I use different sizes of grid for aligning different sizes of objects, I turn it off and on fairly frequently, especially now that keyboard movement of objects is grid aligned and not px by px.

    Sometimes I even adjust or try different grids based on an object I'm moving, so trying 2-3 different grids for an object is nightmare now, way too many extra clicks.

    Another thing I noticed, if I search for something, then I click on one of the results and edit the event, once I close the event edit window the focus goes back to the search window and not staying on the eventsheet, so I cant to use keyboard shortcuts to move up/down to the next/previous action, if the user select to focus the eventsheet, the focus should remain there.

    I wish Scirra would focus more on making the UX as tight as possible, or at least as convenient as it used to be, rather than adding new features.

  • We have made a wide range of UX improvements in C3. It first came out in 2017 and we've been making lots of changes over time since then, many of which are directly in response to user feedback, and lots of them are listed here. IIRC the change to keyboard movement of objects to be grid-aligned was directly in response to other users requesting that, and it does make sense - since the old way of doing it is basically ignoring the grid even if "snap to" is enabled, which is pretty much a bug. If you're coming from C2 then there are a few things that are different - in particular the ribbon is gone, largely because it was almost completely redundant in C2 (and in my opinion, significant pieces of redundant UI is itself bad UX design, and removing it improves that). The feedback we've had from people moving from C2 to C3 has largely been overwhelmingly positive so I think that once you adjust it becomes clear that C3 does a lot of things much better. If you think something is a bug or could be improved, you can file a suggestion or post a bug.

  • Ok, I see, so is there a way to move an object 1 px at a time when grid is on?

    New features are great, but I don't expect them to come over old useful ones.

    Maybe if you hold down control or with wasd, I don't mind hold extra buttons or getting used to new shortcuts, but the actual action was and still is very useful.

  • In the current state if I move an object on a grid, then I want to give it a little offset, I need to go to the right, find the current active layout, click on it, go to the left, deactive the grid, click the object again, move it, go to the right, click on the layout again, turn on the grid.

    And again and again for each object.

    Either a keyboard shortcut for grid movement or a quick access to the grid (even keyboard shortcut that goes there) would save tons of clicking and time.

  • Ok, I see, so is there a way to move an object 1 px at a time when grid is on?

    You could just untick snapping.

    Placing Project Properties into its own bar might make alleviate the issues of extra steps there.

    You can place bars anywhere, which is awesome.


    Lol 191

    Layout view: hold Alt while using arrow keys to move ignoring snap to grid

  • Nice new feature! :)

  • I was going to say that holding Alt is the usual way of temporarily disabling snapping while moving instances, but then I realised it didn't work for nudging with the arrow keys... so that's fixed in r191!

  • Just on the topic of redundancy -- in my experience designing UI/UX, it's not always a good thing to remove it. There's a difference between where something should logically be found, and giving people access to the most frequently used tools.

    The removal of the ribbon, in my view, is a big mistake. While a lot of things are tucked away logically, it takes more time/clicks to do certain tasks (the grid is a great example). I've seen this most often when engineering is the focus of the UI, versus productivity. Simplicity is good, but reduction is bad.

    I think we'll see more of this conversation at C3 gets more popular. Logic in UI is good for learning, but redundancy is good for productivity. I know the UI/UX is the reason I'm still in C2, despite the features.

    Voice of one, but I'd heavily suggest including a ribbon that's either based on the most used tools (C2 is a great start) or even customizable.

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  • Ashely That's great I'm glad you thought of it and it was just a bug!

    I'm currently on the stable branch, but I will check it out!

    newt I know it can be moved, and it's always on the screen for me, the problem is when you select an object you don't see the layout properties anymore, it changes to the object properties, so once you start moving object around you need to return the focus to the layout for changing the grid.

    Most of the layout proprieties are not used that often its mostly set it once and forget about it, but the grid, at least for, is used very very often.

    And again, I really don't mind the location of the grid control as much as what it takes to get there, if I could press alt+L to quickly show the layout properties, I would be fine with that.

  • Ashley

    If we're on the subject of small UX changes, maybe this one is also a bug, not sure.

    In C2 the project file name is shown in the window title bar.

    In C3 it doesn't appear anywhere, I actually had to save the project and go to see which file got updated to know which of the files I was working on.

    Later on I noticed that in the project bar you can see the filenames, but only if you got 2 projects running together, when it's just one, it shows the project name but no filename.

    Maybe show it in the project statistics.

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