Most awaited Major Updates on Construct 3

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  • 1)Prefabs/Templates

    It is convenient to build a GameObject in the scene by adding components and setting their properties to the appropriate values. This can create problems, however, when you have an object like an NPC, prop or piece of scenery that is reused in the scene several times. Simply copying the object will certainly produce duplicates but they will all be independently editable. Generally, you want all instances of a particular object to have the same properties, so when you edit one object in the scene, you would prefer not to have to make the same edit repeatedly to all the copies.

    This Idea is given by Aekiro in the Idea Forum and it get 133 Votes

    2)Scene Graph / Object Parenting

    Implement a scene graph that allows building objects using a hierarchy of other objects.

    "Rotation and scale of a group is applied to all child actors. Child actors always work in their own coordinate system, parent transformations are applied transparently." and ditch the clunky and unfriendly CONTAINERS + PIN.

    This Idea is given by Salman_Shh in the Idea Forum and it get 78 Votes

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    3) Make Plugins inside Construct 3 using events

    If i remember correctly when Ashley announced on scirra blog that C3 was coming he said something about users being able to create plugins using Construct's event sheet in the future.It would be pretty cool to have something like this so it would be more accessible to the community to contribute creating plugins.


  • FYI, this is probably years of work. We would love to do all the ideas suggested by users, but unfortunately we are constrained by the laws of physics.

  • Well if I had to pick one, it´s #2.

    Containers and Pin? More like Containers and Pain amirite?

    Prefabs are a close second.

  • We have scripting now which should be pretty close to the same speed as plugs. Rather than convert an entire language into events, I think it might be better to teach users how to use that feature.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have "plugs from events", but while the conversion of javascript to events might seem doable, yet drawn out, Im willing to bet that turning those events back into script/plugs isn't that easy.

    I'd much rather have a community that both teaches, and works as a resource for scripting, which is much more shareable.

    Think about it, users have a hard time just understanding pseudocode of events, and that's basically all events are.

  • FYI, this is probably years of work. We would love to do all the ideas suggested by users, but unfortunately we are constrained by the laws of physics.


    The laws of physics can be modified if you open your business to more customers.

    More customers= more money to Scirra.

    More money to Scirra= more people can work in Construct 3.

    Now we have this conditions:

    - Construct 2: Price Very High - No significant updates - Access to our files and export forever.

    - Construct 3: Price High - Many updates - Access to our files and export limited (limited also in the demo of 50 events. If you limit excessively your demo, also limit your possible customers.) For example if you give 100 events and give export to the demo, with a Watermark of Scirra, your customers can try more things, and you can add more customers.


    My suggestion to open your business is:

    - You can mantain your subscription model (to mantain a continous income to you), but with a BIG difference: Wall Updates.

    Now if we pay a month or a year for Construct, we have access to all updates and features, but if we stop paying, we dont have access to export our files.

    The difference can be, if we stop paying, we can mantain access to our files and export to windows, ios or android, building games, and learn to develope more things. And ONLY receive updates for bugs to unlocked features. If we need other features created after stop the subscription, we need to pay again.

    This model is very popular in many stores around internet, and give more justice to Scirra and their customers.

    If Scirra add aditional discounts to concurrent users with this system, then your customer base go to increase for sure.


    Another benefit of this system, its to give your marketing a power up! :)

    Construct 3 v.2019 (features added in 2019) now have Timelines!

    Construct 3 v.2020 (features added in 2020) now have Custom Spritefonts!

    Buy construct now for 80€ ! All year 2020

    And if you have the v.2019 or Construct 2, All year 2020 for only 50€ !


    Other benefit with this system, is Scirra can kill Construct 2. And no develope more things to that version. The customers of construct 2, can mantain their files and access in construct 3. (This is now impossible for your decisions :(

    Its better increase the price of an older version very high, or try to call new customers to the newer version with fairer conditions?


    With this prices and the BIG difference of Forever access and export to our files, you can win ;)

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  • Having versions out in the world that are not getting important updates can become a pain for helpdesk/support/developers.

    -complaints of users who do not understand the limitations (helpdesk/support work)

    -updates specific to a certain versions (developers work)

    What if a certain feature requires an update to function on google, itunes or steam ?

    Bad luck?, you should have gone for the full version?

    I don't think this would be a wise approach.

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