Audio plays but stretches/lags/slows-down while playing on IOS

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  • We are facing an issue with sounds (specifically BGM music) on IOS

    • Audio plays but stretches/lags while playing on IOS
    • This happens sporadically - i.e. once out of 15 to 20 tries
    • Works perfectly on Android and browsers
    • Tried placing all audio files in 'Sounds' folder, then in 'Music' folder the second time. Nothing worked

    Can some one help please?


  • If it works correctly everywhere apart from on iOS, it usually means it's a bug in iOS, so you might want to report it to Apple.

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  • Since this is a sporadic issue, a lot of Construct devs might not be aware of this issue yet. Looks like WEBM support for Apple is still in beta and looks like, the feature to add multiple formats of audio files is no more available in Construct. We are raising a bug with Apple for the same. Till it gets fixed (probably in another 6 months), can't we include M4A or AAC formats in our Construct 3 project for seamless audio support. Can you kindly re-enable this for the greater good till this gets fixed by Apple?

  • I don't think this is anything to do with the codec used, so I don't think that would help. Besides, using different formats is not always supported everywhere, which caused its own set of problems, which is why we made it use WebM Opus everywhere.

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