Can anyone please help me with my game?

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    So basically I have three main layouts, one is the main game, the other two is for the endings. If you play Layout 1, it will transfer you to layout 2 or 3, depending on your choices. There will be a restart button in each of these layouts that transfer you back to Layout 1.

    However, if I play the game once and then restart, the "new" game (Layout 1) does not work anymore and basically cancels all interactions.

    Can anyone please help me with this?

    Here's the file.

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    You deactivate the group "TreeGeneration" and "Start" from your Scene1_Event event sheet and do not reactivate them in your "On Start of layout" event.

    So the second time you come to this layout, no trees are generated and you cannot Start the layout.

    Moreover, be sure to reset the global variables before you direct back to the Scene1 layout (directly in the Scene2_Event and Scene3_Event event sheets before the "Go to Scene1" action).

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