Announcement PR wreck so far...

    The correct thing to do is to keep the method of purchase and only increase the value of the engine.

    Already got a tattoo of 'C2 til I die' across my chest.

    on my chest is "C2 til Subscription start"

    Bit concerning that there's a post about this on ClickTeam's forum, telling them to expect an influx of Construct users.

    I'm weighing up my options, but certainly not set on transitioning until I hear the features.

    Just realized a bunch of new users asking how to make what ever is the newest fad game from their browser is troubling.

    Before they had to download the editor, now they just click a link.

    Ashley and Tom, everyone .. I do love C1 and really love C2, I couldn't thank you more and will definitely support C3. Report issues and promote the product. Personally $99 annual is fine on my end, obviously not for everyone. Saying the price up front is definitely bold and honest way of dealing things early on. I see alot of people here are willing to pay a certain recurring payment amount, if you can somehow device a way to make a price tier that will cater to everyone's needs. It will also increase your paying audience. BTW great screenshots for C3 running in chrome. Thanks.

    Imagine ( $99*10,000(paying users) ) / 12 months = $82,500 only for monthly gross. Everyone should know that this amount is very small if you are maintain quality staffs, employees, servers, paying tax and rentals. For all other people complaining give these guys some credits! They will provide a free version of C3 and C2 is still supported so lets provide a decent support for scirra.

    Listen, I have nothing against Scirra because I've worked for a long time on a game in C2 and am about to release it (even though I gripe a lot). My biggest peeve with C2 is the almost complete lack of documentation of anything really useful. The manual is extremely sparse. And you're expected to hunt for little bits and pieces of useful code in dozens of different sources, tutorials, and videos, and everyone gets on your case if you didn't do a zillion Google searches (well that used to be the case, not anymore; the community has gotten a lot better or maybe those used to be fake accounts). This literally leads to hundreds of hours of frustration and wasted time for software that's supposed to be "intuitive" and "user friendly." I'm pretty sure Scirra, if not the founder has made millions at this point. Honestly, what would it cost, just to hire a person to concatenate all the most useful examples and codes in some time of library or preferably the manual, which from a layman's perspective is a joke.

    This is supposed to be software to make our lives easier, and honestly, for someone who's over 40, it has been a nightmare. It has gotten easier with a lot of support from the community, which has been great (and all it took was a 4 year part-time apprenticeship haha), but not before I had to pull my hair out. Some of it has been useful because I learned a lot, but honestly the curve could have been significantly shortened by someone who cared.

    I get the feeling C3 is going to be the same way. There is a remarkable lack of caring in terms of making the software user friendly and easy to learn which is exactly what C2 purports to do.

    While I understand that old operating systems like Vista and Windows 7 are still the standard for a lot of video game development tools, with something like C2 I think it could have been regularly updated for newer versions of Windows, which is a must if your computer goes bust and you temporarily cannot restore from backup.

    What I also found that as a high-level language C2 can be very unstable, so I think the words "proto-typing software" should be in every marketing ad, instead of sucking people in and then suffering for years thinking they can make something fullproof and usable. Now, this may be exaggerated because maybe for very simple games it works beautifully, but on Windows 10, for example, I have to load every game a minimum of 3 times before it loads correctly. This is true of my capxs as well, so it doesn't exactly inspire confidence after having paid the business license.


    I agree with you.

    I feel that manual is thin and assuming you know a lot programming logic.

    Tutorials is very varied in quality.

    What myself I feel is lacking: a user submitted, but also curated directory of examples you can download direct into Construct 2/3.

    There are so many wonderful examples in the forums written by the community people but is lost in the forums . I had asked for "bookmarking threads" as in adding bookmarks from my own profile here but got reply it wasn't possible.

    I am intermittent in my use, and sadly I tend to forget a lot between these "visits" so I have to re-learn, go the searching again. and those nifty things you saw? Of course I forgot.

    Actually with C3 being cloud based it might be easier to do this directory of examples! We have some examples in the install folder of C2 yes, but We need more. <3

    ALSO including plugins examples.

    Let's take Rexrainbow. He's such amazing guy writing many plugins that helps a lot. But it is poorly documented, that is, documented as if you already know the programming gist (plus language barrier). So it takes a while to learn what the actual plugin will work for and once you got "aha" it is amazing, and then there's many of them! If people did examples of his plugins and added them.. It would be nice.

    Just as example.

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    Also, how many backend video game users are still using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8? Hasn't most of the world moved into some kind of tablet with its associated operating systems like Windows 10, so how can we continue using a product which isn't officially approved for what most of the world is using?

    Windows 7 will be going strong for quite some time even if unsupported by MS

    helena AmpedRobot

    I agree with you guys. Being a software dev myself I feel the manual is clear and rex documentation is straight forward, but I missed out other people who are non-dev. Construct 2 targets people from non-techincal backgrounds. I hope scirra can put a manual that have links to sample screenshots, demo video or tutorial as described in the manual. This might help non-technical people to easily understand the features.

    Windows 7 will be going strong for quite some time even if unsupported by MS

    But then if it takes sporadically a few times sometimes (often in fact) to load a Scirra Arcade game in a Chrome Browser on Windows 10, how are you supposed to know it's not a lack of support issue?

    Also, not everyone have the flair for the developer part even if having working with it for years. I am visual learner so I need it to be visual for me to understand. Wall of text = me read it and it flows right across, not catching in brain... it could be my ADHD, but yeah.

    With all the talk of the other software I took a look at Clickteam's Fusion 2.5.. Wow, it looks like it would be so easy to jump right in, it looks SO similar to C2 (who came first?).. Nice gallery of games (several I recognize on Xbox One), good pricing scheme..

    Also, how many backend video game users are still using Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8? Hasn't most of the world moved into some kind of tablet with its associated operating systems like Windows 10, so how can we continue using a product which isn't officially approved for what most of the world is using?

    I still use Windows 7 on almost every machine I get/use and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future, if I build a PC I install a "stripped" version of Windows 7 because I still think it's better than any of the updated crap Microsoft has shat out over the years.

    The world can keep updating into crap, i'm going to stay with what I like because it works best for me & I think this kind of thought is applied to most people who program, design, game dev etc.

    How relevant is that to an average person who bought a tablet? Or to someone who targets the average user?

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