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  • It is on my radar, unfortunately other things have gotten on the way and I don't know when I will be able to get back to this feature. I haven't forgotten about it it.

  • I used this importing feature at length for the first time today, and it's cut my sprite import workflow by 80% at least! My game is very animation-heavy, so this equates to a huge time savings. Great job Diego and team for this!

    A couple thoughts:

    - What's the reason to have a folder created for each animation? This leads to a lot of folders with just one animation each. I can then manually move the animations individually to another folder, but would have to repeat that process whenever I re-imported the animations. It would be great if multiple animations could be created in a single folder. Perhaps this can be a flag in the settings .json?

    - One step I perform for every animation after import is 'crop transparent edges'. Can this be another flag in the settings .json?

    Happy to submit a feature request for these, but would like to understand if they're feasible before I go through that process.


  • One step I perform for every animation after import is 'crop transparent edges'. Can this be another flag in the settings .json?

    You can import all animations first, and then crop edges for all animations with a single click.

    DiegoM Is it possible to add a search of filter feature to the list of animations? I have sprites with hundreds of animations and it takes a lot of time to find anything there.

    Even a very simple implementation will be quite useful - like in Windows folders when you press letter "B" on keyboard, the focus jumps to the first file which name starts with "B".

  • pandabear7413

    The reason a folder is created for each animation is because the importer just tries to replicate what was dropped. So if you drop a folder with a bunch of images inside, that is exactly what the importer will create, a subfolder with an animation inside.

    In your case, I think you will find using zip files useful.

    The importer treats zip files just like a folder, with the key difference that it doesn't create a sub folder for it's contents.

    Ej. 1: Create a folder, put two zip files inside of it with different images, now drop the folder into the animations pane. Doing this creates a sub folder with two animations inside of it.

    Ej. 2: Drop two zip files with image content onto the animations pane. Doing this will create two different animations at the root level.

    Just like a folder, a configuration file can be placed at the root of a zip file and it will affect the files down the file structure.

  • dop2000 That's definitely possible. Can't really promise when that will happen though. I have been meaning to improve the importing options for sprite sheets, but I haven't been able to get to that either!

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  • You can import all animations first, and then crop edges for all animations with a single click.

    Thanks dop2000 for making me look twice! For some reason I remember there not being an 'apply to all animations' option. Maybe I was thinking of an 'apply to all animations IN FOLDER' option, which would have been helpful with my old workflow. But this new import feature makes that a thing of the past.

  • In your case, I think you will find using zip files useful.

    Thanks for the clarification! For what it's worth, the .zip approach doesn't help in my situation, since I would need to zip up the separate animations into their own zip files before import. It's less work to just import the folders (that have just one animation each) and move the animations manually to the parent folder after import. It's not a huge pain, but I still think it would be helpful to have a flag in the setting .json where you can turn off creating a folder at that level and lower levels.

    And again, great work DiegoM with this import feature!

  • DiegoM Is it possible to save only the animations in the selected folder, when you click "Save all animations"? Or add this option to the context menu when you right-click a folder?

    I have a huge sprite with hundreds of animations, and I only need to save one folder. Instead it saves all of them, which takes a very long time.

  • dop2000

    If I recall correctly I didn't do it the first time around just to get something out.

    In the mean time, it is now possible to copy and paste animations between object types. You can copy them using the context menu options of the animations panel or keyboard shortcuts (make sure focus is on the animations panel by clicking on it), close the Animations editor, open it again for a different object type and paste in the animations panel.

    You can copy individual animations or sub folders.

  • You can copy individual animations or sub folders.

    Oh, I didn't know that, it's even better, thanks!

  • Copy/Pasting animations and frames in the Editor and all the recent import improvements regarding the Animation Editor is 100% amazing, thank you so much for all those things !!

    I have a feature request not exactly related to Import but concerning Export.

    Export Current Animation or All Animations of the current Object as Spritesheets

    Right now we only can save Images as invidual frames,

    It would be totally awesome to be able to export each animation as an individual spritesheet.

    By Default each animation would be named AnimationName_Fx1 (where F is the number of frames in the animation) and all frames would be aligned horizontally in a single-row spritesheet.

    Why do we need export to spritesheets ?

    - Because it would be very easy to color swap or add glow/outlines or effects to all frames of a character thanks to external software such as Photoshop.

    (then we just have to drag and drop again each spritesheet in the corresponding animation in the Animation Editor, unless bulk import for Spritesheets is also implementing as in my previous suggestion).

    - Right now it's very difficult to do such things as we have to do it manually for every single frame which is quite impossible to do.

    - Also as always, spritesheets are better for file management, the whole animation is at just 1 location in our hard drive, it's easier to rename it, open the file in an external software in 1 click etc...

    Optional Enhancement to Export as Spritesheets

    1. Max Column Number option : When the current or all animations are exported as Spritesheet, it could first open a pop-up with a field asking the maximum number of columns the spritesheet should have.

    - By default, there is no maximum of columns. Which means if I have a character with a 8 frames Walk Animation and a 12 frames Idle, it would export the spritesheet as Walk_8x1 and Idle_12x1.

    - If i specify an other number of columns, let's say 3, it would export the spritesheets as Walk_3x3 (so it means the cell at X=3 and Y=3 would ne empty as there is only 8 frame in this animation) and Idle_4x3.

    2. No Empty Column Boolean : If I specified 9 for example, the spritesheet Walk would be Walk_9x1 with the last frame empty. But there could be a "No Empty columns" boolean that would make this spritesheet exported as Walk_8x1 even if I specified as column number >= 9

    3. Export Spritesheet with Data : In a second time, if bulk spritesheet import is implemented, there could also be a way to export Spritesheets with Points/Polygon Data so it can be imported later easily too.

    EDIT : I forgot one important thing, as frames for an animation can have different pivot point and sizes, 1 cell of the spritesheet need to be able to have enough place so even if all frames are on top of each other in a single cell, nothing exceed the cell, and all their previous pivot point should be at the exact same position in the spritesheet.

    Here is a visual example :

  • Overboy I believe you can use batch jobs in software like Photoshop or Gimp to apply changes to multiple image files. Or import them as layers.

  • It doesn't work well, for Photoshop it's really slow and sometimes doesn't even work to open multiple files as layer and even if it worked it means you need to manually create your automated action each time which is pretty slow too. Also you still need to be able to export all those layer in individual frames and it's not ideal either.

    I tried many many things and worklows, the best I found is that I created custom .bat scripts to automate the creation of Spritesheets from individual png directly from my Windows Explorer but even this method is not ideal and require extra steps each time.

  • I have a feature request not exactly related to Import but concerning Export.

    Have you submitted this as an actual feature request? Your idea seems well thought out, but you need to submit a formal feature request to have it considered for implementation.

  • The latest beta, r351, adds a new tag property to animation frames. The property is supported by the bulk importer. I will update the first post with information on that.

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