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  • I am creating a game right now, and I have run into a simple but very annoying, and game breaking bug. Whenever the player switches animations while moving (which is always because that's how I have it set up) it moves the character down and to the left slightly. I have gone and figured out that the bug is tied to the animations, as when I tried controlling the character without changing animations, it worked just fine. Anyways, here is the small amount of code and the animation setups.

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  • I just re-read my post, and I am going to clarify. The character moves slightly down and to the left while in the walk animation. As soon as I stop moving, the character reverts back to the idle animation, and reverts back to the wanted position. If anyone needs more clarification, just ask.

  • Check Origin image point position in all frames.

  • Make sure you set the origin point to a location on each frame where the animation will appear on the ground. It's also good practice to use a square/rectangular sprite for the player character object and pin the animations as a separate sprite on top of the player object.

  • If both animations/frames have the same size and origin points, this problem should not happen.

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