Ability to save C3 games to BitBiucket/GitHub

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  • I have seen a few posts related to this which suggest that source control could be a feature on a desktop version of C3 but I understood that there was not going to be a desktop version. As such, how can we implement file based source control tracking on a C3 project to faciliate collaboration and tracking across larger development teams? As things stand today it feels like construct is only suitable for single developer use and will not lend itself to code versioning outside of any file tracking in Google Drive or OneDrive which I find hard to imagine

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  • andrewrutter there is a desktop beta version available on the forums that allows for saving projects as a folder of files instead of a single file. Some users using this with version control tools like git and SVN. In terms of versioning this obviously works fairly well, but some project level changes can touch on a lot of files, and merging such changes could cause conflicts. I haven't tried using this myself to comment on how much of an issue it is.

    This idea has previously been suggested here, and we have given an official response.

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