Construct 3 NW.js desktop app

  • Construct 3 is also available as a desktop app based on NW.js. This is useful if you want to preview or debug your project with NW.js features active.

    How to use it

    Simply download the zip below, extract it to a folder, and run Construct3.exe. The first time you run it, you may need to approve a security prompt, or wait for an antivirus scan.

    As with loading in the browser, you must be online the first time you load Construct 3. From then on, it will work offline. You can use your account offline for up to 7 days, but you must go online at least once every 7 days to renew the account. This is all identical to how offline support and accounts work in the Chrome browser.

    Features specific to the desktop build

    The desktop app is more or less the same as what you get in the Chrome browser. The main reason to use it is if your project uses the NW.js plugin, its features can work in preview mode, which is useful for testing.

    The NW.js desktop app also enables local file & folder saves. You can also use this in Chrome with beta C3 releases; the desktop app has it always enabled. There are some other minor differences, but our plan is to make the NW.js desktop app the same as you get in Chrome (still including local file & folder saves), so expect them to converge over time.

    If you don't need to use NW.js features in preview mode, you may as well keep using Construct 3 from the web. You can still create a desktop icon and run without the address bar from Chrome using the "Add to desktop" feature. There's more information in the manual.


    Where do I download the desktop build?

    The link is at the bottom of this post. We will be updating the website with download links later down the line.

    How do I update Construct 3?

    Currently the desktop build serves the same version of C3 that appears at It updates the same way as in the browser: you'll see a notification there's a new version available, and reloading C3 will use it. There's also a separate download if you want to use the latest beta release of C3 instead.

    Where do I report issues?

    The same place as any other C3 issues, on the GitHub tracker:

    There is a 'desktop' tag we'll apply to issues relating to the desktop app.

    How does feature X work in the desktop app?

    Our goal is to make the desktop app work identically to Construct 3 running in Chrome. It exists only for previewing/debugging with NW.js features active.

    Here are the links to download. The stable channel version loads the latest stable release of C3, and the beta channel loads the latest beta release of C3. Last update: February 5th 2020

    Stable channel: Download the Construct 3 Win64 desktop build Chromium 80 (stable channel)

    Beta channel: Download the Construct 3 Win64 desktop build Chromium 80 (beta channel)


    Jan 15 2018: fixed issues with preview window positioning and previewing with AJAX plugin

    Feb 12 2018: updated to Chrome 64; now includes dev tools

    Feb 23 2018: added new download that loads beta channel of C3

    Apr 20 2018: updated to Chrome 66

    Jun 19 2018: updated to Chrome 67

    Sept 07 2018: updated to Chrome 69

    Sept 17 2018: updated to work around issue with Cloud Save not working

    Sept 19 2018: updated to NW.js 0.33.3 to fix issue with gamepad input not working

    Dec 5th 2018: updated to NW.js 0.35.0

    Dec 11th 2018: updated to NW.js 0.35.1 to fix issue with saving local files and Cloud Save

    March 15th 2019: updated to Chrome 73 (NW.js 0.37.0)

    April 25th 2019: updated to Chrome 74 (NW.js 0.38.0)

    June 13th 2019: updated to Chrome 75 (NW.js 0.39.0)

    August 13th 2019: updated to Chrome 76 (NW.js 0.40.1)

    September 12th 2019: updated to Chrome 77 (NW.js 0.41.0)

    October 25th 2019: updated to Chrome 78 (NW.js 0.42.0)

    December 16th 2019: updated to Chrome 79 (NW.js 0.43.1)

    February 5th 2020: updated to Chrome 80 (NW.js 0.44.0)


  • Let's see...current memory usage...

    Running C3 in Chrome (with no other tabs open).......667 mb

    Running C3 desktop build beta......................................157 mb

    Yeah, I know what I'm using from now on.

  • Lancifer - if I try comparing the memory usage and leave them idle for a minute (so they garbage collect/compact memory etc), then the difference is only about 50mb (~190mb vs ~240mb). I mean, they use the same browser engine, so it's expected their memory usage would be similar.

    If you have a browser addon that wastes tons of memory, that could explain the difference, but that's the addon, not Chrome. (I've seen some ad blockers can waste hundreds of megabytes of RAM!)

  • Chromes not known for being light on its feet.

    Of course that does beg the question of why use it as the default.

  • Ashley

    Right, I understand that. But, I shouldn't be expected to have to disable my addons every time I use C3. I do appreciate the effort in giving us an alternative, though. Thanks.

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  • Thank you! I was waiting for this

  • Thanks! Looking forward to using this for source control (I use bitbucket / git). Just last week I lost a day of work due to a user (i.e. me) cloud save / local *.c3p mixup that source control could have saved for me.

    I do still like the browser option of working anywhere I have chrome, so will still use that sometimes too.

  • Nice job guys, looking good. Will get in and do some testing in the near future.

  • Yes! Project saves. Now every time I save, it doesn't resave the ~1GB of video I'm currently using. Thanks!

    Edit: FYI I spent 30 mins making some changes, saved it as a project, tried to open it again and the app crashes. No error code or message.

  • Great upgrade to Construct 3 !

    The next step should be a permanent purchase option for those who can't stand subscription model.

    I hope to see this coming, for now... I'll have to use other options.

    Anyway, keep up the good job! it's looking great so far.

  • Oh wow, finally a desktop build.

    Thanks a lot Ashley, I've been waiting for this.

    Also, I agreed with Alon. Please also include a one-time license model, subscription models aren't really good for some companies/developers.

  • Great, thank you! ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐ŸŽˆ

  • Well done! thanks

  • Wow! Nice Work!

    Now i get 1/2GB RAM free....

    I know its use the same engine.... but i have addons and other things on my Chrome Browser making alot of RAM used for anything, now with this version of C3 i using only 100- MB

    Keep the Awesome work!

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