3D Object - with gltf 3D model support

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  • Thanks for the reference, looks like a ~100 USD phone. Which I would consider the lower end for NA market, but it's all relative, worldwide as you say might be mid-market.

    Yes, changing the animation rate, can save a lot of CPU perf per frame for 3D Object. For performance testing, if you will also have other moving objects like Sprites, check what the performance is like when all objects are animating how you expect. The more C3 draws, the more we need to draw the 3D Object also.

    I have also added an optimization that reduces animation CPU perf when the object is off-screen (the object is also not drawn when off-screen already.)

  • worldwide as you say might be mid-market.

    yeah, we got to test on calculators to be sure that the game will be playable for big masses

    And yes, I didn't notice any performance issues when objects are offscreen

    but I assume if we will make something like

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    it will kill even iPhone 12

  • Dancing polygons.

    Hero falling on the very high speed

  • My game was released

    was able to optimize it to 60 fps on my cheap mobile


  • Using the new effect compositor with 3DObject in r270, nice work Ashley!

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    Example of 3DObject plug-in with a stack of two effects. The second effect (outline glow) operates on the entire rendered image (e.g. the bounding box in case of 3DObject) instead of per face. The first effect works on a per face basis.

  • Adding animation blending (new property animation blend). This is lightly tested, so looking for feedback from tests with other models and animations. Please leave comments if you see issues (and a sample project with model would be very helpful.)

    Set the animation blend property to the length of time in seconds to blend between the last animation (last position of the last animation) and the new animation. From my experience, something in the range of 0.2 - 0.5 seconds works pretty well.


    Before and after:

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  • Good job! keep going. One thing: it is possible to respect the nearest sampling​?​ (in the editor the textures of 3D Object are sharp but on runtime they get blurry​).

    Another thing, I'm just curius :)

    I don't know the ACE or any plans about new buffers like face normals, but do you plan to implement somehow a simple lighting on the faces like flat shading from a one set in 3d space light point? I was thinking about extension to the build in 3D Shape to have a option to "set color​" for each face to fake simple lighting instead of global set color to the whole object.


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  • Thanks! I'll take a look at the texture filtering, but as far as I know, it should use the same filtering as the project setting.

    In terms of lighting, will add it to the to-do list to explore at least, but I don't think you can set per face color on the 3DShape (you can change the object a face is using.) It might cause a big perf hit, since it will break the batch every time you change the color (which is a uniform to a shader.)

  • Thank you for your plugins!

    Would it be okay to get an example of a billboard with this 3D object? The ones in your piggy example show a 3D model, but the billboards are still 3Dshapes.

  • Hi. Is this still working? Are you still supporting it? Really interested! Looks so Useful.

  • Yes and yes :) Look to the itch site for the latest devlogs and comments.


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