3D billboard alpha clipping

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  • Hi all,

    The 3D in C3 has been magic so far, but I’ve run into issues with using 3D objects as billboards. The alpha area of a sprite projected onto a 3D face often blocks other 3D object faces from rendering when they clip… I was wondering if there was a planned update that would fix this?

    For the most part I’ve managed to figure out simple work arounds, like putting opaque 3D objects on different layers or Z-sorting alpha billboards on the same layer; but I’m having trouble with alpha billboards that have different Z heights, particularly these bouncing coins that tween up and down on the Z axis. Any tips on how to deal with that?


  • See the section on transparency in the tutorial Using 3D in Construct (which I just updated to also cover 3D Camera). In short, see how the 'First-person shooter' template does it: a separate layer for billboards with a Camera distance draw order should do the job.

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  • Thanks so much, that works perfectly. The tutorial is great too, I appreciate the depth you guys go to with the documentation and I’m sorry to have overlooked it. ✌️

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